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  • Dual Speed 200-250W
  • Quick Change Batteries
  • All Metal Gears
  • 9 Bearings (not 3)
  • Lifetime Gear Warranty
  • Rated To 100FT - 30M
  • Triple Sealed (3X)
  • Low Battery Beeper
  • Max Depth Beeper
  • Floats On Surface
  • Optional Sinking Feat.
  • Battery Charger Incl.
  • CMOS Computer Chips
Welcome to underwater freedom on your new X-Treme X-151 dual speed aqua sea scooter with Sea Doo Technology. The fun will never end with one of these close by this summer. The X-151 Sea Scooter comes complete with a Dual battery system (24 Volts) not 12 Volts like all others offer, a battery charger, a branded X-Treme Logo duffle carry bag, and a dual speed 200 - 250 watt sealed electric motor that is ready to take you up to 100 feet below the surface any time you are ready.

The Sea Scooter is just plain fun. This unit can be used in swimming pools, at the lake or even in the ocean for serious divers if you choose to go down deep, but best of all it's also great for kids playing in the water. The X-151 sea scooter is also simple to use, just hold it in front of you, pull the first trigger on the handlebar and let it take you away, pull the second trigger to activate the 250 Watt speed setting for maximum power and if you want to go under water, just point it in that direction and it will take you right down.

The X-151 Sea Scooter is the ONLY sea scooter on the market today that is built with an all metal gearing system. Each end of each gear shaft is fitted into a stainless steel bearing. X-Treme takes there quality very seriously and to prove that, just view the images below that show the metal gear system used in the X-151 compared to the plastic gearing system used in ALL other brands of sea scooter on the market today. Plastic gears will fail, it's guaranteed but metal will not and to back that up, we are offering a lifetime warranty on the gears.

Colors Available : Tan
Price: $225 - FREE Shipping
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Electric With "Sea Doo Technology"
Dual Speed 200 Watt - 250 Watt (AKA supercharged)
24 Volts - 15 Amps
Dual (2)- 12 volt Sealed Batteries With Quick Change Plug
Gear Box:
All Metal Gearing System (The only all metal gear unit on market)
Gear Bearings:
We use 9 Bearings, 1 on each end of each shaft, others use 3.
Depth Rating:
Maximum Depth 100 Feet or 30 Meters
Up to 4 mph in current 2-3 mph in still waters.
Up to 4-6 miles per charge
Throttle Type:
Variable speed control (dual triggers on handlebars)
Triple Sealed, 1 O-ring Seal At Each Compartment (Seals made in Germany)
Floating Ability:
Will Float To Surface (if air box is installed) Air box is normally used
Sinking Ability:
Are You A Diver? (remove air box under cone & unit will sink)
Safety Strap:
Used For Divers, A Strap Can Be Attached To Scooter Handlebars
Sea Scooter Will Always Float Unless You Remove Air Box
Depth Alarm:
Sounds At 95 Feet - Cuts Power At 100 Feet
Low Battery Alarm:
Beeps At 20% Battery Life
Battery Life:
1.5 - 2 Hours - You Can Purchase Spare Battery Pack If Needed
Battery Charger:
Included 120VAC
Battery Charge Time:
2 - 3 Hours
Carton Size (LxWxH):
25 x 17 x 16
Scooter In Box Weight:
29 lbs
Scooter Weight:
20 lbs.
30 Day X-Treme Warranty - 6 Month Battery - Lifetime Gears
Charger - O-ring Grease Lube - Foot Pump To Open Sealed Cap.
User Manual:
Included - Important - Please Read The Manual For Safety
Always remove vent cap under nose cone / air box if scooter is not used for more than 1 day. This will allow any gases from the battery to escape instead of letting them build up in the sealed compartment.
Most of us never read user manuals - this time, please read it. This unit will be in the water, we do not want you sinking it on the first use. ALWAYS remember to screw in vent plug before use!
This sea scooter is going to bring you years of fun & joy!