6KU Fixie Urban Track Bike Review – Worth It Fixed Gear Bike?

The bike is slowly gaining popularity in the 21st century because it uses a renewable source of energy, and the budget to maintain the vehicle is low compared to other automobiles. Many companies in the market now sell bikes, and selecting a specific one from the range can be a task on its own.

One of the most popular bikes of the time, which has won the heart of millions, is the 6KU Fixie Urban Track bike. The bike is crafted with all the good components, and the price has been kept low so that most people can afford to buy the bike. The article consists of 6KU fixie urban track bike review so that buyers can judge for themselves the bike’s worth.

You can check pros and cons of this bike quickly from here.

6ku urban fixed gear bike

The Good

  • The aluminum body of the bike makes it lightweight.
  • The aluminum framework of the bike also makes it durable.
  • The risen hand bars keep the poster correct; hence, no more unnecessary back pains.
  • The rubber grips on the bike help to maintain balance.
  • The grips also do not let the hand slip under any circumstances.
  • The cost of a bike is extremely affordable.
  • The bike is easily assembled.
  • A video manual is also provided on the site to help people to assemble them.
  • The sleek design of the bike attracts the attention of the onlookers.

The Bad

  • Some parts were missing when the bike was delivered.
  • The color of the bike which was delivered was not accurate.
  • There are no gears to choose from
  • The saddle of the bike is not quite comfortable.
  • The paddle could have been better.

6ku Fixie Urban Track Bike Review in Detail

Features of 6ku Fixie Urban Track Bike

While purchasing a bike, especially a bike like the 6KU fixie urban track bike, it is very important to compare and be aware of its parts, function, and the material with which it is made. Some of the features of the bike are given below in the list:

Frame of The Bike (4.0/5)

the entire body of the bike is made of aluminum. The aluminum frame of the bike makes the bike lightweight. Hence, it is easily manageable by both beginners as well as professionals. Contrary to popular opinion, aluminum has more strength in terms of strength when it comes to bikes.

This metal, without a doubt, will make the bike more durable. Several bike companies still use steel for the bike base framework, which makes it heavier than usual weight. Aluminum also has the quality not to rust easily when exposed to the oxidants in the air, which cannot be said in steel frames. Due to the aluminum frame, 6KU fixie urban bike can be used for city commute and trekking.

Gear (4.2/5)

People in recent time are obsessed with shifting gears which has a fancy look to it. The bike has a single fixed gear, which makes it convenient for city rides. Single gear bikes mean that there is no option of changing the gear or the speed at which the bike will pick up while commuting. Single gear bike lets the rider avoid the complicated task of shifting the gears and, in turn, losing his or her focus.

These sorts of bikes are uncomplicated and best for people who are newly starting.  The rider does not need the tedious process of learning the ropes of the gear system. In a fixed gear bike, the wheel continues to spin as long as the person peddles; in case of no brakes, the rider can stop the bike by restricting the peddle’s movement. In terms of its maintenance, fixed gears are quite easy to maintain

Tires (4.2/5)

the tires attached to the bike are Kenda 700c 25 inches. The tires are affordable as the price is kept at a minimum, and the tires are reliable.

Suspension Fork (4.5/5)

The suspension fork is one of the prime components of a bike. This fork is responsible for providing comfort to the riders. 6KU fixie urban track bike has 1 1/8″ alloy fork attached to it. Suspension reduces the acceleration of the bike with each bob. Hence, the power of speed gets reduced.

Similarly, it adds weight to the bike, making the already heavy object heavier. Some people prefer full suspension, that is, suspension attached to the rear and the front, which makes the journey more comfortable than partial suspension. The fork added to the bike is good in terms of the price.

Handbars (4.0/5)

The hand bars on the 6KU fixie urban bike is a risen hand bar that adds to the bike’s sleek design.  The hand bars have a backward sweep angle of 7 to 9 degrees, and the slightly upward bent of the risen bar is 10 to 44 mm high. This sort of hand bars is helpful to people with injuries, as the risen hand bars allows the person to adjust the height according to preference.

The hand bars also take much pressure off the rider’s hands due to their position, allowing the rider to have a relaxed ride. This also helps the front side of the wheel to negate the hurdles that come its way. It is especially significant while a downward descend. The risen hand bars come with a disadvantage as well. Less weight is put on the front wheel; hence to gain the proper front traction, changes have to be made, like a more aggressive body position

Grip on Handbars (4.4/5)

The 6KU fixie urban track bike has a BMX-style grip attached to it. The grips are solely made of rubber, which provides comfort to the bikers due to its soft nature. Without the rubber grips, the ride would have alternatives like plastic or simple metal grips, which are hard and can easily heat up.

Rubber, on the other hand, has the property of not heating up easily. The BMX grips are manufactured so that it is bound to last for years without any issues. The grips also add to the sleek design of the bike and can be easily replaceable.

Colors  (4.4/5)

One of the unique features of the bike, which is no there for other bikes in the market, is that it comes in a plethora of colors. Hence, the customer will have different options to choose from and does not have to go through the second round of pain job due to not having their personal color preference.

Cost  (4.4/5)

Most of the same category’s track bikes tend to charge a hefty amount, which becomes a burden on the buyer. Moreover, if the bike does not flesh out to be the way it was supposed to, the entire investment will be a failure. For this purpose, the cost of the 6KU fixie urban track bike is kept at a minimum. To purchase a bike, people do not need to apply for loans of any sort. It is not quite expensive on the pockets; hence people can buy to try the bike and experiment with it. This bike is especially famous among beginners.

Still, if you want a decent fixed gear bike with low budget then you can take a look at Retrospec Harper Review which is one of the best budget fixie bike.

Saddle (4.4/5)

The saddle attached to the 6KU fixie urban track bike has minimal padding, like a racing bike. The saddle is moderately comfortable but not extremely due to the lack of padding.

Brakes (4.4/5)

The bike has two brakes attached to it. One is the frontal brake, and the other is the brake at its rear end.

Here is the quick video review of the 6KU Fixie Bike if you want to check out.

FAQs About 6KU Fixed Gear Urban Track Bike

Are 6ku Fixies any good?

Buying a bike solely depends on the preference of the rider. Some people like bikes which have several gears attached to them while others prefer fixie. In terms of fixes, a 6KU fixie urban track bike is one of the best options. A Fixie is easy to maintain as there is no gear maintenance involved.

Moreover, the bikes are quite easy to ride. The material used to make this bike is of good quality, and the price tag attached to it is quite low compared with other bikes of the same kind. The hand bars rise bars, which provide extra support to the rider and keep the rider’s posture fixed.

What is a Fixie Bike good for?

Fixie bikes are good for the intracity commute as there are no gears involved. For everyday work commute, this is also a good option, even for beginners looking for an affordable bike to buy. The bike does not require a hefty investment, just the minimum sort.

Is Fixie Bike dangerous?

Fixie bikes are not dangerous at all. The only difference that a fixie bike has from any other mountain bike of gear bikes is that only one gear is present. A fixie bike does not allow the rider to change the gear according to preference. The rider cannot increase or decrease the speed of the bike by changing the gears. But it also helps the rider maintain the bike properly and learn the working of the bike faster.

Conclusion of 6KU Fixie Urban Track Bike

So, this was our detailed 6KU fixie urban track bike review. In terms of investment, the product is worth every penny spent because this bike provides only the best at the most affordable price. These fixed gear bikes are a wonderful option for the intracity commute as it does not provide the option of gear change which makes the process of learning and using the bikes less complicated. The bike’s aluminum frame makes it affordable and brings the cost of the bike down on a massive scale. The bike’s cost is kept at its low so that people can purchase it easily without taking loans from the bank.

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