10 Professional Bike Fitting Myths You Need To Ignore

One of the most interesting and the most important things is bike fitting. Many people want to do bike fitting, and they are often told to do various things that impact their cycling. Usually, we believe in bike fitting because it allows you to customize the bike to increase your efficiency and productivity. However, misleading bike fitting myths are going around the internet and shared by many people we wanted to burst.

If you start your cycling journey or read too much about fitting the bike, you should try to avoid the following myths about this beautiful process.

Professional Bike Fitting Myths

Top 10 Professional Bike Fitting Myths

1. Bike Fitting Certification Indicates A Persona’s Skill In Fitting

Even though many certified bike fitters are available in the market, you cannot merely rely on their “certificate” only. A person’s experience of bike fitting is far more critical in this case. Many professional cyclists have said that they see so-called certified fitters in the market who don’t even have substantial experience in this field.

Bike fitting is both science and art because it requires you to customize it so that the customer would be happy with the result. Instead of checking various fitting certificates, you should check out the experience and the work they have done. Ask them questions like “from how long you’ve been into this field?. If their experiences precede your expectations, then go with them, otherwise, try to get away with such people. 

Also if you’re not able to find the best fitter, try to learn that art by yourself in your free time, since such things add value to a person’s trait and it can save tons of your money as well in the future. 

2. Old School Of Bike FItting Is Still The Best

Not anymore, kid. There have been days when you used to align the knee over the pedal sprinkle, built such techniques don’t work anymore. Time’s have changed, and so has technology. You don’t see the same type of bikes which people used during the 1990s or 80s also. The pedal system changes, frame geometry, are those things that need to be considered the most when you’re trying bike fitting. 

There were days when you had to use those racing bikes that had a lower bottom bracket than the bikes you see in today’s times. Comparing today’s time, the racing bike’s design would require lots of adjustment into Seatpost. Nowadays, fitters don’t need any plumb bob while determining the proper measurement of the knee placement for the pedal fitting. The company’s already equipped bike in such a way that it will give extra power and reduce the level of injuries while riding a racing bike. Today, the job of bike fitters has changed in various ways that we can’t say that the old way is still the best. 

3. You Can Learn The Best Pedalling Technique 

One of the hilarious yet lots of people believe this myth in the market. Pedalling might seem quite a challenging task for many people while cycling mountain, racing bikes, but it’s not. Various people think the myth that pedalling can be learned from the fitters, but it’s not. A recent study on this topic shows that the learning pedalling technique has reduced its efficiency.

You can change the geometry of bike pedals, seats, etc., but the technique of pedalling is still can’t be taught. A person as a human being is quite different when earning things, and if your plan does not match with the instruction of your better, it won’t suit your cycling at all. Pushing harder or pulling up is the most common type of advice you will receive from fitters, and it’s such a type of thing for which you don’t have to pay tons of money. 

4. Crank Length Determines The Strength Of Power Output

Various people had to make adjustments in crank lengths for getting extra power while cycling. Professional cyclists’ case study shows there is relatively little importance when trying to get more power output from a crank length adjustment. Making small adjustments in the crank will not give you robust speed improvement while cycling.

Even if you think that crankset is essential, there should be drastic changes made to the crankset when you want to check whether the speed of the bike gets changed or not. Changing cranks have other benefits such as it will open up our hip angle, giving up more space to ride, and relaxing your body. 

5. Getting Numb Feeling On Your Hand Is Normal.

This is the type of myth that we see among people who are not professional riders of the bike. When you hear someone say that numb hands are normal, do not believe in any of such things. Professional coaches and cyclists have more frequently said that having numb hands is not a good situation. The numbness could mean that your hand’s blood flow is not responding normally, and you should immediately stop cycling.

When you’re riding the bike for a long time, your hands would feel numb, and you won’t feel anything with them. This belief has been undergoing for a long time, and those people who believe that cyclists require pain and suffering would believe in it. 

6. Frequent Cycling Can Damage Your Knees

If those who believe that jogging, cycling, or exercising is bad for their knees, they would eventually get diagnosed with some diseases rather than work harder to maintain their good physique. Cycling might require strength from each part of your body, including the knee, but it can’t hurt it. Those people who say this thing is worried about knee injuries because they have heard so many stories.

There should be proper breaks while cycling, giving your body more time to relax, even though it’s painful to ride a bicycle, it cannot hurt your knees. Asking a fitter about this question would give you more insight into it. 

7. A Professional Bike Fitter Can Give You The Best Bike

Even though fitters are the best in their job, it doesn’t mean they can always determine what type of bike is suitable for your body. When you are cycling the one thing which you need is to have a proper bike. A pro fitter might recommend a high-class bicycle, but if it’s not suitable or you can’t afford it, then there is very little chance that you get satisfied with it.

Choosing the bike is not only about height, weight, measurement, but it’s more about the comfort of the cyclist. If you cannot enjoy cycling in a better way with your bike, you should try to avoid any advice from such a fitter. Determine the type of bike you like and get it.

8. Cadence Cycling Is The Best Way To Measure Efficiency

Cadence cycling became famous because of lance Armstrong, who rode the bike over 100 rpm and people quite took it to their heart. Cadence cycling became the social media norm among the cyclists who would determine this as a success factor to judge cycling efficiency. Cadence cycling is not easy, and not everyone can do it with just a smile bike.

You need to adjust the pedal, Seatpost, crankset to have more efficiency and it will only become successful after customizing the bike in the best way. So if you want to enjoy cycling above 100 rpm, it’s good but prepare for its consequences. 

9. Saddle Sores Happens Because Of Wrong Choice Saddle 

One of the most common and hurtful things which can happen to a cyclist is to have saddle sores. It’s excruciating and part of the cycling journey, but there is a myth which we need to burst. People believe that saddle sores happen only because of the type of saddle you choose. 

There are various factors behind it, such as position, weight, type of skin, the intensity of cycling you choose. Blaming the saddle only for saddle sore is not the right way to judge it’s efficiency, you should always be more careful while cycling to avoid such injuries. 

10. Bike Fitting Is A One Time Job And No Need To Further Make Any Changes

Bike fitting is nothing but customizing the bike according to the condition, situation, and cyclist’s demand. If the rider who is going to ride the bike has changed their mind, then the pro fitters’ bike fit would not be relevant.

Since if the bike is fitted for a person above 6″ then a person who is above that height cannot ride it efficiently. Fitting is not a permanent solution for all of your cycling problems. 


These are some of the top 10 myths about bike fitting which you should not believe at any cost. There are very few people who would require the pro fitter since you can do it with an experienced rider. Even if you need help, then get it done according to your choice and demand. Since cycling is the type of thing which will require lots of effort from you. 

Kep cycling and if you have any other doubts or myths in your mind about bike fitting, please mention them in a comment box. 

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