Cannondale Topstone Carbon Review – Perfect Gravel Bike?

Gravel bikes are always fun to ride because you can enjoy cycling with these bikes, whether it’s on or off the road. Cannondale topstone carbon review will tell you all the essential things about this fantastic gravel bike. Since many people are searching for top gravel bikes, we decide to pick the best one from this category and create an in-depth review.

Cannondale is famous for manufacturing quality gravel bikes for the last three decades, and topstone carbon is the type of Bicycle that will impress you at every stage. So if you’re planning on buying this bike, you’re at the right place since this review will help you know everything about it.

Check out pros and cons here to make a quick decision for this bike.

Cannondale Topstone Carbon Lefty 3 Review

The Good

  • The dual suspension system works flawlessly.
  • The vast and sturdy tires offer excellent grip during any weather conditions.
  • Shimano’s speed shifters offer more than 11-speed options.
  • The Lightweight carbon frame makes it easier to use and helps in controlling the bike.
  • Shimano’s hydraulic brakes are easier to use and quick in response.
  • Handlebars are positioned upright, which protects them from extra fatigue.
  • The bike is suitable for off-on-road cycling.
  • It requires low maintenance because of durable quality components.

The Bad

  • Relatively quite expensive.
  • The need for extra care is necessary when you want to use it for the long term.
  • The lack of mudguards makes it harder to digest.
  • There is a lack of pedals as well.

Cannondale Topstone Carbon Lefty 3 Review

Cannondale is a company that has made a kind of revolution in the gravel bike industry. Topstone Carbon Lefty 3 is the upgraded version of the previous gravel bike, but it has more quality, durability than every cyclist wants in a bike.

Here are the key specifications of the Cannondale topstone gravel bike. 

Cannondale Topstone Carbon Lefty 3 Review

  • Type:-                       Road
  • Frame:-                    Carbon
  • Suspension fork:-    BallisTec carbon with Kingpin suspension
  • Speed:-                    11 options
  • Shifters:-                  Shimano’s GRX600
  • Brake system:-        hydraulic brakes
  • Tires:-                      650Bx47MM wide tires
  • Handlebars:-           Drop bars
  • Weight:-                  11KG
  • Saddle:-                   fabric scoop shallow white

Features Of Cannondale Topstone Carbon Lefty 3

Before you make an actual decision to buy this bicycle, try to understand better about this product. We did the full review of Cannondale topstone carbon 3 in-depth, and here are the key features of this gravel bike.

<strong>Lightweight Carbon Frame</strong> (4.0/5)

The use of carbon frames by the company while developing this gravel bike is quite impressive. The design is quite good, and the frame overall gives you a hint that it’s going to be a fun ride since it doesn’t carry any weight and makes it easier to ride. Usually, people think more about the being system when it comes to gravel bikes, but the type of frame you’re using in a bike matter the most.

The asymmetrical air design will look great on every cyclist. Whether you are opting to cycle in or outside the city, the lightweight framework and ergonomic design will help you in every case.

Dual suspension system (4.5/5)

The one drawback that companies faced when they launched their previous gravel bike was a lack of a sound suspension system. However, the mistake was duly noted and corrected by the Cannondale here. This bike is equipped with a dual suspension system, which will not bother you when you’re going through the most challenging terrain that too at the highest speed.

Topston’s kingpin suspension system is at the rear side of the bike, useful when you’re going through soft pavement or doing road cycling. The lefty Oliver gravel fork system is what this bike is made for since it absorbs all types of bumps giving you more control over your cycling journey. The gravel performance offered by this suspension system is top-notch and not matchable, and that’s why you see so many professional cyclists even suggest this gravel bike without any hesitation.

Kingpin suspension offers 30MM of rear suspension, and the left suspension fork, on the other hand, also gives the same level of comfort when going through challenging terrain. Made it useful for both rigid and soft terrain, the company’s focus was making it the best gravel bike, and they succeeded at it.

Shimano’s GRX Speed Shifters (4.2/5)

Even if you like going at the highest speed to beat up your competitors, this gravel bike will not disappoint you at this level as well. Because it’s equipped with Shimano’s GRX 600 speed shifters and wide derailleurs, which offer 11-speed options. The gravel bike’s speed is unmatched, and when you combine it with its lightweight, it becomes faster than an ordinary motorcycle on smooth pavements. 

GRX600 shifters are gravel optimized, which means these gearing systems are made for hard terrain on which you will not have to hesitate to speed up this superbike. Many professional cyclists have used this bike for racing on mountain tracks, and most of them have only given it positive reviews.

Hydraulic Brake System (4.5/5)

One of the very underrated yet most crucial features of this bike is Shimano’s GRX400 hydraulic brake system, which works flawlessly. The use of hydraulic brake systems in gravel bikes is not uncommon, so the company decided to use the premium quality of components here. Shimano’s hydraulic brake system is made for gravel conditions. So you don’t have to worry about the controlling system because no matter what the terrain conditions are, it will stop the bike instantly.

Since hydraulic brakes require much care, you should check them frequently and see whether they’re working fine or not.  No one should ignore that our safety depends on the braking system, so don’t ignore it. 

Upright Riding Position (4.0/5)

This bike’s riding position is upright, which is quite great and gives you essential comfort when you’re riding the bike for an extended period. Usually, people don’t seem to think much about the riding position, but gravel bikes are used for long cyclist sessions by the riders. Hence, the upright position is ergonomically perfect.

Your body posture will be improved and gives you more access to breathe, control the bike while going through either soft or hard terrain quite quickly. The overall design is made according to this riding position, so riders don’t face any problems. Whether you want to ride efficiently or aggressively, the seat and pedals are correctly positioned.

Sturdy 650Bx47MM tires (4.4/5)

Cannondale gravel bikes offer you the type of quality that will require the least maintenance from your side. The company used 650Bx47MM tires, strong enough to get over any most challenging objects they would face while cycling. These tires are made for every weather condition, so it won’t matter whether you’re cycling on rainy, cold, or summer days; the grip will be the same.

The handlebars’ additional Out front steering helps tires control the bike while going through any rigid pavements. This bike is therefore considered great for off-road cycling because people usually have to face unpredictable surfaces. 

Aesthetic Design (4.4/5)

Topstone is the type of bike which offers all the premium quality components while giving you an aesthetic bike in your possession. The bike’s frame suits the overall mechanism, and whether you choose to go with any color, the feeling of owning the strongest gravel bike will always be there.

Quick-release axle, the internal cabling system is made so that it makes the bike more attractive from a regular cyclist’s point of view.  There is a Direct line cabling system, so there are very few times you will have to make your hands to make any changes that save time and effort.

Integrated Wheel Sensor (4.4/5)

Since you’re paying a fair amount of money, you can expect the company’s genuine effort to make this the best gravel bike in every possible manner. The tombstone offers an integrated Wheel Sensor that gives you all the required information about the speed and distance you have covered. The data will be in-depth like the date of servicing, route covered, the owners’ name, and many more, which gives you a feeling of pro cyclists.

This information will be made available to you via the Cannondale mobile app, which you can download and get from the play store or app store.

Extra Goodies (4.4/5)

The company will give you three extra bottle mounts, so you don’t have to worry about feeling dehydrated. You can put the one under the down tube, and others can be placed on top of the tube. There is the right amount of space available for an additional feed bag to carry anything you wish.

However, the one thing which you won’t get in this gravel bike is the pedals. The pedals are not included in the overall package, so you better get ready to buy them from Amazon or an offline store. We still don’t know why the company decided not to include pedals, but even it can be adjusted since other premium features cannot be ignored.

Here is the detailed video review of Cannondale Topstone carbon to check out.

What Can Be Improved?

Many expert cyclists have said that they used the customized seat post while riding this gravel bike. The company’s stock seat post is not suitable considering the pressure you get when deciding to go long cycling. You can either use an elite aluminum Seatpost or any other. However, make sure it suits your size and gives you comfort. 

What This Bike Is Good For?

This bike is suitable for all off-road cyclists looking for the best gravel bike you want. The drop-bar handlebars, Shimano’s top-notch gear shifters, both front and suspension fork of premium quality make it the best bicycle in the current market.

If you’re the type of person looking for a bike that you can use for multiple occasions, and it can run on both the smooth and rigid pavements, then it’s made for you. It’s similar to the mountain bike but made great for off-road tracks, which usually have lots of bumps, and you can’t rely on simple bikes. Both the wheel size and suspension fork that the company added make it usable during all conditions.

When you want to race with your buddies on smooth pavements, then it can work as a winner in such a situation. After comparing it with gravel bikes, the one thing which we found the best about it is its lightweight Carbon Frame. Weighing only 22lbs, it becomes immensely more comfortable to handle this bike.

Is It Worth It?

YES, many people always think about the price which they are paying for this gravel bike. If you’re ready to spend some extra money on a quality gravel bike, then it’s made for you. There are very few people who consider quality over regular cycles. Cannondale is a company that has made superior quality bikes for an extended period so that you won’t have any issues with it.

Conclusion of Cannondale Topstone Carbon Review

So this is the ultimate Cannondale Topstone Carbon Lefty 3 review, which we must have hoped you liked. There are many gravel bikes in the market, but you can’t get the superior quality you get in this bike. The decision to buy this gravel bike depends on factors such as price, type, and preferences. So before making any decision, make sure this bike is suitable for the actual demand you have.

Since many gravel bikes are there in the market, choosing Cannondale is the best option among all of them. However, if you’ve got any doubts or questions, then please leave a comment down below. We will be happy to help you choose the best gravel bike and tell us about your experience if you’ve used it. 

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