Diamondback Hook 27.5″ Review

This diamondback hook 27.5″ mountain bike is packed with amazing riding specifications that will improve the all-around experience of mountain biking. Now you will see the diamondback hook 27.5″ review, giving you a complete idea about this bike.

This bike model is so reliable and affordable. 

This means that this is ideal, not only for beginners but also for advanced riders too. After reviewing this diamondback hook hardtail mountain bike, you will conclude this amazing mountain bike in your checklist, and also, you will like to ride it.

You can check pros and cons of this bike from Roadmaster brand quickly from here.

Diamondback Hook 27.5" Review

The Good

  • Affordable entry-level hardtail mountain bike for beginners and occasional users.
  • Great action and control on rough surfaces.
  • Lightweight and minimal design for speed and handling.
  • Great suspension system to absorb bumps and shocks.
  • Smooth transition through the eight gear speeds.
  • Comes 85% already assembled, so little room for error.
  • The geometry of this bike is incredibly comfortable.
  • You can rely on the brakes to bring you to an immediate stop.

The Bad

  • No space for a water bottle holder.
  • The saddle isn’t the most comfortable.
  • Does not perform the best on roads and smooth surfaces. 

Diamondback Hook 27.5″ Review in Detail

After extensively researching these diamondback hook mountain bikes and some other mountain bikes in the market, in my opinion, this is an excellent choice for beginners to start mountain biking because it is one of the best diamondback brand bikes.

Key Specifications

The diamondback hook mountain bike’s design is very clever and unique, providing you with quality products at an affordable price. This bike is consists of the following features:

Diamondback Hook 27.5" Review

  • Bike Frame: 6061-T6 Butted Alloy for 27.5″
  • Bike fork: SR Suntour XCM 120mm travel, 30mm stanchions, coil spring w/ preload adjust
  • Cassette: SRAM PG 820, 8 speed, 11-32T
  • Front Derailleur: full ISCG-05 chain guide w/ roller
  • Rear Derailleur: SRAM X3, 8 speed
  • Shifter: SRAM X4, 8 speed
  • Brakes: Tektro aries mechanical disc, w/ 160mm rotors
  • Number of Gears: 8

In this Diamondback hook mountain bike’s design, you may not be able to give you all the features you are looking for right at the start. But still, this bike is great in various conditions. The Hook of this bike can be upgraded if you want it. The design provides you with an exceptionally well-crafted aluminum frame. It provides the best quality of the base.

Features of Diamondback Hook 27.5″ Bike

Here are the main features of the diamondback hook mountain bike that will help you understand more about it and decide whether it’s worth your money or not. 

SRAM Drivetrain (4.3/5)

When it comes to mountain bike riding and riding across the rough terrains, finding a bike with a wide range of gear options is very hard to find. But fortunately, the diamondback hook provides high-quality SRAM parts, which make it smooth to ride on off-road conditions. They provide you with a total eight number of gears which can be adjusted as your choice while riding.

It does not matter if you are going uphill, downhill, or riding on any other off-road terrain or regular flat surfaces; this bike provides a wide range of gear options to enhance your bike riding experience. The SRAM parts of this bike allow you to change through the gear smoothly without any problem.

Powerful Disc Brakes (4.3/5)

This diamondback hook mountain bike comes with a wide range of gear options plus a lightweight frame with high traction tires; with the combination of these features, anyone will go on high-speed riding. But while riding at high speed, you also need strong stopping power for safety.  

For mountain biking, the brakes play a very important role. While you are riding on rough and off-road terrain, you need to have powerful brakes for an immediate and safe stop. The diamondback hook consists of awesome tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes. After researching, I found that these brakes are incredibly powerful, and with these powerful disc brakes, you can enjoy the Hook bike to ride at high speed. The tektro 2-finger braking level is incredibly responsive and easy to use so that you can have better control of the brakes while riding.

Tires (4.1/5)

The wheels of a bike play a vital part in its overall performance. The diamondback hook comes with Kenda several tires. These tires have double-walled rims on the inside, which provides them with an incredible sense of stability and support. The tires were also specifically created for trail riding. This is obvious in the amount of traction that they offer, affecting the speed at which you can ride without skidding. The Hook’s wheel size comes with 27.5✖ 2,35″, which means these tires are fabulous to ride on off the road. 

Frame and Derailleurs (4.5/5)

The frame is where the Hook shines. The 6061 T-6 aluminium frame is hand-built. Each joint on the Hook frame is hand-welded, which means that there’s a much more critical eye for imperfections than some companies that use automated production welding techniques.

This grade of aluminium falls right below what they use on space shuttles and is incredibly light. The integrated disk brake tabs are a nice touch, adding even more stability to an already rock-solid frame. Derailleurs can make or break a geared bike, which is why Diamondback went with a combination of SRAM/Diamondback packages on the Hook. The SRAM X3 is a mid-level unit that tends to be a little inconsistent in wet weather, so make sure to use an all-weather lube regularly on your chain. Without proper attention, these pieces can seize up.

Great Suspension System (4.3/5)

The suspension system is another outstanding feature offered by this bike. It offers the ability to ride on a wide range of roads and terrains. Regardless of the trails’ roughness or the bumpiness of the surfaces, you are assured that this bike will allow you to ride smoothly.

Saddle (4.5/5)

The diamondback hook’s saddle is fairly standard across diamondback models, and it offers a high level of comfort and durability. This is particularly important as riding on rough terrain will be uncomfortable at the best of times, but you can limit the impact with the right saddle in place. The diamondback hook does this well. 

Perhaps not the best on the market, and you will probably have to replace it eventually, but for the most part, it offers comfort and won’t need to be switched after a few rides.

Price  (4.7/5)

While buying anything, the first thing we are concerned about is our budget. We always go for the product that suits our budget. As you review all of the built-in features with this bike, you may be impressed to know that it comes at a very affordable price. This means that while the price stays low for a bike of this type, the quality of the materials used and its overall performance is not affected at all. 

Q. Should I Buy Diamondback Hook Bike?

The diamondback hook is a popular entry-level mountain-level bike that combines comfort, durability, and control with a decent price tag. While it is more frequently used on cross-country tracks, it serves a good purpose as a downhill bike and can stand up to some of the specific downhill models. A bike diamondback hook bike is excellent for every beginner or any other occasional rider as a start-up.

Verdict of Diamondback Hook 27.5″ Bike

Overall if you are looking to get into mountain biking, then the diamondback hook is a bike that you should consider not just for its price but also for its performance. You can see from the above diamondback hook 27.5″ review that this bike tends to comfortably fit into your riding habits, regardless of the terrain. Cyclists that tend to stick mainly to roads and paved environments may want to steer clear of the Hook, as its design is much better suited for hills and gravel. However, could you give it a test ride first? You might be surprised.

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