Fixed Gear Bike V/S Single Speed Bike: Which is Better and Why

While buying a new bike, generally, there is confusion related to the type of bike. Fixed gear bikes and single-speed bikes both have their unique features. In this article, you can get an idea about the difference between Fixed gear bikes and single speed bikes, which is better and why?

Fixed Gear Bike VS Single Speed Bike

Fixed gear bike v/s single speed bike comparison 

Both fixed gear and single-speed bikes are modern riding bikes because of their customized appearance. Both bikes are like real gems in their appearance. Both bikes give a different performance and ease while riding. There are some differences between these two types of bikes, so let’s see about it.

Freewheel Mechanism:

 A freewheel is a fitted device on the rear/back wheel of the bike, which allows the rider to take a break or pause pedaling without screwing with motion. The fantastic thing about this mechanical gadget is that it usually disengages the driven shaft; it runs faster than the driveshaft.

Single-speed bikes:-

The presence of freewheel attachment in the manufacturing of single-speed bikes allows coasting and cruising. That is why it helps to minimize fatigue in the riders, which means that the rider can stop pedaling while going downhill. However, still, the bike remains in forwarding motion. This bike is the best choice for those riders who live in a harsh environment.

Fixed gear bikes:-

In the fixed-gear bike design, the freewheel device mechanism is absent, and it makes pedaling compulsory for riders in any situation to stay in motion. There is no coasting while using this bike, but the good news is that this bicycle has a single gear, which means the gear will help the rider stops pedaling from experiencing any movement.

Braking System:

The braking system is one of the most crucial parts of the design of a bike. Brakes are an essential part of a bike and play a vital role in the safety of riders. The braking system helps to minimize any risk of road accidents.

Single-speed bike:-

This type of bike is fitted with caliper brakes in the design as you can see in Retrospec Harper bike. It is because the bike can get higher speed in comparison to the fixed gear bike. The caliper braking system gives full braking performance and allows the rider to experience maximum bike control. It helps to reduce the risk of road accidents.

Fixed gear bike:-

This type of bike has a mechanical braking system. The positioning of the attachment on the bike depends upon the road’s condition and the skill set of the rider. These braking systems function by averting the pedal from moving, and it causes a lock either in the front or back wheel and stops experiencing any motion.

The Comfort Of Riding The Bike:

The quality of the bike depends upon the comfort level of riding. Simplicity is another important factor in bike riding. The bike that allows riders to enjoy the ride while making a minimum effort is considered a good bike, and that is why it becomes essential to check the comfort of riding in both types of bikes.

Single-speed bike:-

These bikes are proved as an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced riders. In these bikes, the rider needs a minimum amount of pedaling, allowing the rider to go for long distances without fatigue. Having a higher speed with minimal pedaling enables riders to reach their destination faster. These types of bikes are useful for long-distance riding.

Fixed gear bike:-

These kinds of bikes are only limited or suitable to experienced riders and not for beginners. In these bikes, the rider needs too much frequency pedaling. There is a higher amount of resistance in these bikes. Now because of that, the rider has to put a lot of effort while riding. These bikes are not an ideal choice for going long distances at high speed. But these bikes can be used for training.

Chain Tensioners: 

Dirt and grease are significant factors of creating chain tension. The problem starts when the rider wants to adjust the chain after slipping off from the bearing system. Both fixed gear bikes and single-speed bikes are found lacking in the chain tension system. It entirely depends on the rider to keep these bikes on regular inspection of chain tension and fix it whenever there is a problem.

Pros and Cons of Single Speed Bikes


  • These bikes are low on maintenance
  • These bikes have an ergonomic design
  • Improvise coasting and cruising.
  • Ideal for both beginners and experienced riders


  • It is difficult to change the speed of this kind of bikes
  • Not suitable for pedaling uphill 
  • These bikes are much more expensive than fixed-gear bikes.

Pros and Cons of Fixed Gear Bikes


  • These bikes are relatively affordable than single speed bikes
  • These bikes have a clean outlook.
  • An excellent option for workout and training
  • Useful in the muscle building


  • It always requires a lot of efforts in riding
  • Limited on coasting and cruising
  • Not ideal on slippery terrains

Which type of bike is better and why?

The research shows that fixed gear and single-speed bikes are different, but there are some close similarities in them from the outside. The main difference between fixed gear and single speed is that the rider’s control while riding on various terrains. The braking system for road safety and then the effect of coasting without interrupting the speed is better in single-speed bikes. That’s why these bikes give ease and comfort to the rider in riding, while fixed gear bikes are useful for those who want to build their muscle and suitable for training exercises.


From the above information, I think that the single-speed bike is a better bike and ideal for all types of riders. From the categories mentioned above, the winner is a single-speed bike. After all, it depends on riding to determine which bike is better for easy and comfortable riding for long-distance single-speed bikes, while those who wanna train rigidly fixed gear bikes are suitable for them.

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