Flat Bar Vs Drop Bar | Which One to Choose for Commuting

One of the hardest things to do when you are trying to buy a bicycle is choosing it. Very few people are already predetermined in what type of bike they want to buy. The most common form of confusion that we have seen among cyclists is the debate over flat bars vs. drop bars. People don’t understand that bikes that come with drop bars have different advantages and disadvantages than the flat bar altogether, yet they compare them. Even though, as a cyclist myself, I sometimes like to answer this question. But when I saw so many people are still confused about it, I decided to write an in-depth analysis of flat bar vs drop bar bikes. 

Drop bars are typically designed so that your body will have to move slightly upwards, and the hands’ position will be different from flat bars bicycles. Drop bars are aerodynamically designed, and you can get the feeling of being comfortable while riding the bike for a more extended period. Many pro cyclists have said drop bars increase the speed while riding the bike, and you will have to choose the bike according to your preferences.

Since drop bars are used by those who go for longer rides, flat bar bikes are preferably more comfortable when you are riding them in a city to work or pick up some groceries. Even though the difference between the drop bar vs. the flat bar handlebar is quite different, you need to know which one suits your personality and get the bike accordingly.

Flat Bar Vs Drop Bar

What Are The Pros OF Drop Bar

Knowing whether you want to buy a drop bar is quite important because you will get aerodynamic design handlebars. So here are the key pros of drop-bar and how to use them correctly.

Offers Multiple Hand Position

One of the best things about using a drop-bar bike is that you will get multiple hand positions while riding a bike. You can either put your hands on the bars, drops, or the hood, and it’s pretty interesting to see how you can use them for your use. When you’re going through an average terrain that does not have any hardtails or anything, you can drop bars or hoods since your hands will be in a comfortable position for such riding style. 

People usually don’t give much attention to the fact that drop bars have diverse hand positioning options. When you want to go for a casual or short ride, you can use the usual bars, and when you decide to go for longer rides, go with drop bars or hoods. 

Aerodynamic Design Offers More Speed

It’s been proven that using the drop bar bicycles helps your body to relax and gives you more accelerated speed. The aerodynamic design of drop bars is made so that the wind will not be able to catch up with your whole body, and you can travel more distance with relatively less effort. You can put the same effort while riding the bike and will see that you travel more distance without getting the feeling of fatigue or anything. 

It’s the only reason why so many cyclists prefer aerodynamically designed bicycles because it gives them more energy without putting in much effort. 

Drop Bars Are Relatively Narrower

If you compare it to the flat bar, then the drop bars are relatively narrower, giving you more advantage while riding the bike through a traffic area. You must have experienced the pain of riding a bike through a city packed full of traffic, and there is a chance that you can get a side edge from a bike or car with the handlebars of your bike. However, since drop bars are narrower, they can help you get away in such situations quite quickly. 

Suitable For Hard Terrain Cycling

Drop bars designed so you will be able to enjoy cycling over the hills or hardtail without any effort. The drop bars offer a sturdy grip over the bike, and you can control it without any issues. When going through hard terrain, you stumble upon lots of bumpy roads, and in such situations, the main objective should be not to lose control. 

Aesthetic Design

Even though many people will overlook this thing, the drop handlebar’s aesthetic design will be quite a more interesting thing for the rider. You can always look cool while riding these drop bar bikes than the traditional ones; make sure you control them efficiently. 

Cons Of Drop Bar

Even though the benefits of using drop bars are far more than our expectations, you should also know its cons.

Harder To Access The Brake Levers

Drop bars are designed in such a way that you will not be able to access the brake levers quickly. Now in such cases, what you have to do is reach the brakes and use them accordingly. Mostly we have seen that brake levers are mounted on the hoods of the bike, and sometimes it becomes quite frustrating to use them when you are stuck in traffic.

Drop Bar Bikes Require Constant Maintenance

Repairing a part of the drop bar would require you to pay lots of money. In such a case, one will have to be more active about maintaining the bike. Since the cabling system is complex in this bike, it becomes quite annoying to repair it. 

Slow Rider’s Won’t Like It

Slow riders of the bike will not like it at any cost because they will put more pressure on the body upward. When you are riding a drop-bar bike, it usually requires you to use the drop bars more consistently, and it becomes painful for slow riders to use them for so long. Some bumpy obstacles while riding the bike will make it harder to use. 

No Room For Mounting

You will not see the mounting bottles placed on drop bar bikes because of the complex piece of engineering it requires while making it. Companies usually have to focus on making the bike suitable for all types of people, and since drop bars are used, there is no space left for extra mounting of the bottles.

Not Suitable For Office Employees

Even if it’s casual to use the bicycle for work, you cannot use the drop bar bikes on your formal clothes. It would look utterly foolish to wear formal clothes while riding a bike like this one. The bikes are suitable for casual riding in the city but not for the office. 

What Are The Pros Of Flat Bar Bikes 

Using flat bar bikes is a different adventure that you cannot experience in any other bike type. So here are the pros of using a flat-bar bike. 

Provides Better Control Over The Bike

Flat bar bikes always provide more control over the bike, which you won’t get in other designed bikes. They offer you an additional grip, which helps during the hardtails or some bumpy roads. If you are the type of person who likes to control the bike more than anything, you should always go with flat bar bikes. There is a reason why so many mountain bikes producing companies prefer to use flat bars. 

Improvises Sitting Posture

When you are sitting in an upright position, the body will not face much pain or fatigue. The weight will be equally distributed, and you will be able to control the bike more elegantly. The upright sitting posture is suitable only for short term cycling, yet many people complain about the comfortability issues of other bikes they have issued.

Easy Accessible Brake

Brake levers are easily accessible when you are riding a flat-bar bike. They are just an inch away from your fingers, and there is no complex wiring involved on the handlebar. Many flat bar bikes are designed so that writers can get access to brakes easily and without any fuss.

Better For Less Experienced Riders

Not everyone is a pro cyclist, and we all are trying to learn it since it carries more health benefits than just casual walking. Flat bar bikes are the best ones for those cyclists who have just started cycling. Because they can be controlled, used, and repaired quite quickly without any issue and beginners will feel more confident using flat bar bikes.

Additional Room for Bottle Holders

Flat bar bikes can be easily customizable, giving you more options to make available the bottle holders. People usually don’t give much importance to accessories holders, but they are quite important when going for a longer ride with your buddies. 

Low Repair Cost

The components used in the flat bar bikes do not require much repairing cost. You will be able to get it replaced and repair it without putting more money. People usually worry about the things they can’t replace at low cost, and such things won’t happen with a flat bar bike for sure.

Cons Of Flat Bar Bike:-

Even though there are some significant advantages of using a flat bar, you need to know some of the cons of using a flat-bar bike.

Single Hand Position

The one thing which you need to know is that a flat bar does not offer multiple sitting postures. You will be upright seated for longer rides also. Not having a multiple hand position is one thing that a few people still don’t like and should take care of it. 

Wide Angle Of Handlebar Could Be An Issue

The one thing which will be most annoying is the wide handlebar. You will have to make some careful adjustments while riding the bike in traffic areas since it can be painful for you in some cases also. However, there is no need to worry about the handlebars if you just cut off a few inches of it. Make it look more usable and keep it short; the grip would still be intact. 

Aerodynamic Design Is Not Available

Unlike many other bikes, you will not get the flat bar that does not come with an aerodynamic design. In such cases, people should always depend upon the traditional method of the handlebars. Even though they are quite handy to use, some people might want more of them. 

Not Suitable For Longer Rides

If you plan to go for longer rides, then flat bar bikes could be some pain to have experience of, and you should prepare yourself. Since the lack of aerodynamic, single-hand positions make it relatively harder to use these handlebars for longer rides. 

What Type Of Bike Should You Choose?

Flat Bar:– If you like to enjoy riding simple bicycles, you should go with flat bar bikes. Even if you are going to use them for mountain cycling, flat bars offer a sturdier grip than anything else. They are relatively easy to control, meaning there is quite less effort required from your side while riding the bike. 

Drop Bar:– When you are going to use the bike for faster riding, and more especially on the soft pavement, you can buy a drop-bar bicycle. They offer you an aerodynamic design making you sit a little inclined towards yet it works perfectly for some people. Suitable for those who have to travel longer distances and enjoy cycling as a hobby. 

Final Words:-

So that’s the main difference between using a Flat Bar Vs Drop Bar bike, and we hope you will make the right decision of purchasing the right bike accordingly. People usually don’t give much importance to the fact that the main purpose of buying a bicycle is to receive ultimate freedom and comfort. Choose the bike according to such conditions that will suit your type, size, budget, and cycling purpose.

We hope you liked this article, and leave a comment down below if you have any doubt. 

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