Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike Review

If you are confused about whether to buy a Genesis V2100 bike, then you are at the right place. Because after seeing so many people ask us about doing a Genesis V2100 mountain bike review, we finally decided to do it. Genesis is the brand on which you can trust for sure, but when it comes to mountain bikes, one needs to know about the bike they are purchasing carefully.

Genesis V2100 is the ultimate definition of the best budget mountain bike with all the necessary features such as dual-suspension, disc brakes, and a sturdy aluminum frame. So let’s understand in more detail about this bike and whether it’s good enough for you. 

If you are in a hurry and just want to know the pros and cons of Genesis V2100 mountain bike then here you go.

Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike

The Good

  • Budget-friendly mountain bike.
  • A strong aluminum frame provides the required durability.
  • Overall it’s relatively lightweight and helps you manage it easily.
  • Front disc brakes and rear V brakes work flawlessly.
  • Shimano’s 21 gear options help you change the speed.
  • The full dual suspension saves you from any fatal.
  • The aluminum frame can handle the weight of up to 310 pounds.
  • Suitable for beginners and entry-level riders.
  • NHTSA tested a safe mountain bike.

The Bad

  • Pedals’ quality needs more improvement.
  • Seat adjustment is also required.
  • More extended periods of rides need customization.
  • Lesser chances for upgradation.
  • Frequent oiling is necessary for smooth working.

Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike Review In-Depth

If you are a beginner or a student, Mongoose Montana Mountain bike is the best in its class. The bike is crafted in such a manner that it is meant to provide maximum entertainment and thrill for adventure seekers. The main base body of the bicycle is made with aluminium which makes it lightweight and cheaper. The brakes and gear attached to this bike are top-notch. 

Key Specifications Of Genesis V2100

Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike

  • Frame: 26” aluminum frame
  • Gearing System:   Shimano’s EF 21-speed options
  • Brakes:                  Front disc brake and rear V brake
  • Tires:                    26”
  • Suspension:          Dual
  • Paddle:                Velo Comfort padded

Features Of Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike

Here are the key features of this mountain bike that you should give the full focus. Since it will help you decide whether that’s the mountain bike you need right now.

Sturdy Aluminum Frame (4.0/5)

Having a strong aluminum frame in a mountain bike tells you a lot about how much quality-oriented product the company decided to create. Genesis V2100 has a 26″ aluminum MTB frame with full suspension as well. The suspension provided by this sturdy frame helps you go through any terrains without worrying about the mountain bike’s condition. MTB aluminum frame is famous for its lightweight and durable quality, and you are getting both of these things in this mountain bike.

If you are a beginner or intermediate cyclist who wants to climb up the rocky mountains, this type of aluminum frame will help you handle the bike in challenging situations. The padded seat perfectly fruits according to the frame’s overall size and gives you plenty of space to easily ride the mountain bike. This aluminum frame’s lightweight is basically what we liked the most because when kids are handed over lightweight bikes, they can easily ride them without any further problems.

Paddle Seat (4.2/5)

The adjustable bicycle seat attached to the bicycle has extra padding on them which makes it comfortable for the rider when he goes on a long expedition that will require being stuck to the saddle for hours at end. For this purpose, it has attached a comfortable saddle. 

Moreover, the saddle is adjustable. This helps the rider to adjust according to his or her preference which will eliminate the prospect of joint pains & muscle soreness. It has been observed that if the height of the saddle is low, it can lead to overworked joints. Extending the height or adjusting it will make the task of riding the bikes more easily with almost no health complications. 

Full-Suspension (4.2/5)

The suspension fork that Genesis used is entirely above average. It’s not top-notch, but it’s enough to give you a  comfortable ride, which everyone should buy a mountain bike. The full suspension fork works better when you are riding the bike on a small pavement. We tried riding the bike on rigid pavements and found the suspension system working quite well.

You won’t feel the pain or get off-balanced unless you are riding the bike at the fullest speed. The price of this bike is relatively low; if you compare other mountain bike’s suspension forks, there is quite a lot of difference in quality. But this price is far better than any other mountain bike. Although you can get another brand’s full-suspension mountain bikes if you have got a good budget.

Some experts said this bike’s suspension system would sustain for the long term only if you take it off. For example:- you should ride the bike at the highest speed while going through some bumpy roads or use the gear shifters frequently since it damaged the other suspension of the mountain bike. To experience how smoothly you will have a ride, try using it on smooth terrain. 

Disc Brakes (4.5/5)

The front disc brakes and rear V brakes are the most powerful components of this mountain bike. The famous V-brake on the rear helps you stop the bike with the minimum efforts. However, what surprised us the most is the use of front disc brakes, which work flawlessly. You won’t find any problem while using these brakes at all. While riding through any smooth or the more challenging roads, you need to pull to the least effort, and the bike will get stopped immediately. 

The majority of the riders liked the disc brakes with 1600 MM linear-pull rear. Usually, people have the most company about the braking system’s quality, but we found NONE in Genesis V2100. The braking system is an essential part of this mountain bike because it decided to go with premium quality here.

Sturdy Wheels (4.0/5)

As a mountain bike enthusiast, you should carefully look at the quality of the company’s tires. Because when you are cycling through an uphill, downhill area, the one thing that’s going to save you from any harm is the sturdy tires. Genesis V2100 comes with 26″ durable rubber quality tires. Genesis is known for giving more priority to the customer’s safety, and they decided to use the sturdy tires in this mountain bike.

Shimano’s Gearing (4.4/5)

The company’s famous and durable Shimano’s gearing system and flawless shifters are used by the company while building Genesis V2100. Shimano’s EF 40 gearing shifters offer you 21-speed options, which are quite enough compared to other mountain bikes at this price range. These speed shifters give you more access to riding the bike at the fullest capacity when going through soft to rough terrain. Shifters work flawlessly because of the lightweight design since it helps you change the gears immediately.

If you are riding the upside part of the mountain, it becomes relatively more comfortable since these speed options help you accelerate the speed with minimum effort. The only thing you need to worry about is the maintenance, keep using the gears appropriately, and it will save your tons of money in repair cost. We didn’t see any customer complaining about the gearing system not working as the company claims to be. However, after comparing with other mountain bikes, you won’t be getting Shimano’s gearing system at such a cheap price for sure.

Things That Can Be Improved In Genesis V2100


Even though the quality of the aluminum frame, brakes and wheels are good, there are some things which we think the company should improve. If you are a beginner or an entry-level cyclist, then there are higher chances that you’ll like this mountain bike. However, experienced cyclists have clearly said the seat quality of the Genesis V2100 is not up to the mark.

The company used the cheap quality of the seat at this price, and we can’t blame it also. The lower price for which the company listed this mountain bike is the understandable reason behind why you will have to buy the additional seat for this mountain bike. If You are a serious rider who likes riding the mountain bike for an extended period, you will have to customize it for sure. 


The MTB pedals are quite satisfactory, but that’s not enough when you want to sustain the mountain bike for a more extended period. When you are going to the uphill or downhill side of the mountain, where the roads are usually quite bumpy, you will feel powerless since the pedals in such situations don’t respond quickly.

If you want to use this mountain bike at the fullest capacity, we need to upgrade these parts. Still, it’s quite suitable for beginner or casual riders. 

How To Maintain Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike

One of the most straightforward yet most essential facts that many people need to know is maintaining a mountain bike. If you have never used a mountain bike before or want to use it for long terms, then follow these special instructions to keep it intact.

  • Frequently clean this bike with a cleaning solution and a sponge since the aluminum frame gets quite dirty quickly and needs cleaning. 
  • Mix the cleaning solution in the water and then clean challenging areas with a towel or any other item.
  • Please ensure the brakes are tightly placed. If you find anything suspicious, take it to the mechanic.
  • Replacement of the brake pads is necessary if you are a heavy cycle user.
  • Ensure the seat position; paddles are perfectly positioned since it can help to reduce the extra fatigue.
  • Before starting the ride, check and tighten the chains since it helps you stay on track without disruption.
  • Keep the chains off the bike smooth by adding lubricants frequently.
  • Before starting the ride, check the tire’s condition, fill up the air, and replace the tube if the situation demands.
  • The internal cabling system must be intact and ensure the same as well.

Is Genesis V2100 Worth It?

If you have less budget yet want to ride the fully equipped mountain bike, this is the perfect bike. Genesis is a famous brand for building affordable mountain bikes, and they have maintained their reputation quite well. The money you are paying for this mountain bike is relatively low, and it’s worth every single penny you spend on it.

Usually, people start to compare the price range with other bikes when the goal should be to check the product’s quality. Genesis V2100 is built using a premium frame, suspension system, and brakes, which you will hardly get in this budget range. You can also have a look at Mongoose Montana Bike if you want to get a similar feature bike in another brand.

Is Genesis A Good Brand?

Genesis is a trustable brand, especially for those who have never used a bicycle before. The company usually targets intermediate or beginner cyclists since they don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a single bicycle. The brand value of Genesis is related to budget-friendly bikes, which is quite suitable for average cyclists. 

What Is The Price Range Of Genesis V2100?

The price of the Genesis V2100 depends upon the type of model you are going to buy. This mountain bike is available in multiple sizes, so the price for each type of different sized mountain bikes would be different. Still, on average, you will be paying less than $500 for this budget-friendly mountain bike. You can check the rate on Amazon or Walmart from where you want to buy. 

Conclusion of Genesis V2100 Mountain Bike

So this is the ultimate Genesis V2100 mountain bike review, which we have done after testing every part of this bike. Many people want to stay fit during these challenging times, and the best way to do that is cycling. This mountain bike gives you an immense amount of fun and joy while maintaining the quality for sure. The selection of buying is still your personal decision, you can check the alternatives or read the actual buyers reviews, but you won’t find anything wrong with this bike. So take the wise decision accordingly, and thanks for reading this article.

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