GT Men’s Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike Review

Enjoying cycling is quite an underrated pleasure, and many people can’t do it because of laziness. However, if you’re a cyclist and interested in buying one of the best mountain bikes for you, then you are in the right place. In this GT men’s aggressor pro mountain bike review, we decided to write down everything about this bike.

GT is the brand known among cyclists for the durability and quality of the components they use while making bicycles. GT aggressor is the type of mountain bike that will look stunning from the outside, and it offers the same quality when you start using it. 

Note – Aggressor Pro from the GT brand is outdated and GT has come up with the more advanced bike from the GT Aggressor series which is GT Aggressor Expert 2021. We recommend you to take a look at this bike because it has some advanced features than GT Aggressor Pro.

You can check the pros and cons of this bike quickly from here.

GT Men's Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike

The Good

  • Aesthetic and straightforward design.
  • Compared to other bikes, it comes at quite an affordable price.
  • Triple triangle aluminum frame offers durable quality. 
  • Shimano’s gearing and shifting system works flawlessly.
  • All terra MTB tires offer a solid grip even during the most challenging weather conditions.
  • Comfy Seatpost and handlebars make it suitable for more extended riding. 
  • The quality of the components is quite good.
  • It’s suitable for all those who are a beginner in cycling.

The Bad

  • The assembly of some parts is required upon arrival.
  • Lack of kickstand.
  • Seatpost requires adjustment depending upon your preferences.

GT Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike Review

GT aggressor mountain bike comes in three variants:- aggressor comp, aggressor expert, and the Aggressor Pro. In this review, we decided to go with the pro version of this mountain bike and shared everything in detail about it while describing how each part is made and works.

Key Specifications of The GT Men’s Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike

GT Men's Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike

  • Brand:- GT
  • Type:- Mountain Bike
  • Frame:- triple triangle aluminum frame
  • Fork system:- SR Suntour XCT DS
  • Wheels:- 27.5”
  • Shifters:- Shimano’s SL-M310 8 speed
  • Pedals:- SLim line flat pedals
  • Brake:- Mechanical disc brake
  • Handlebar:- 6061 aluminum riser
  • Seating:- All Terra MTB

Features Of GT Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike

Here are the key features of this mountain bike that you should give the full focus on. Since it will help you decide whether that’s the mountain bike you need right now.

Aluminum Triple Triangle Frame (4.0/5)

The look of this mountain bike is quite like the beast, and the reason behind it is quite apparent. The company used a 6061-T6 aluminum triple triangle lightweight frame, which is quite essential and the best when trying to go through rough terrains. GT is a company which is famous for creating BMX-style frames for a long time. They have always given top priority to the overall design and the main component.

In this mountain bike, the triple aluminum frame is quite solid and worthy of spending every penny. You will not face many problems going through challenging rocky roads compared to other mountain bikes.

Aesthetic Design (4.2/5)

The design which GT uses for the mountain bike is now world-known. They used a perfect aesthetic design in aggressor pro mountain. The headset of this bike is quite traditional, and the cables’ placement is on the shortest route. The gearing system is placed right below the top tube, and the cable for it is also underneath it. 

The color overall fits the design and makes it look more challenging than its previous models. A few customizable changes can also be made for pedals, kickstand, and the bike will look the same. 

Break System (4.2/5)

GT aggressor is probably one of the best mountain bikes in this price range because of its strong mechanical disc brake systems. This bike has some advanced technology-made disc brake system that works flawlessly and helps you stop the bike instantly. When you’re going through some rough terrains, the one thing which you need to have is control over the bike. These mechanical disc brakes are far better than traditional hydraulic brakes and offered more diverse and better use of the mountain bike.

The braking system’s design is made considering the usage of this mountain bike during hard weather conditions as well. When you are riding the bike during wet or rainy days, the chances of the bike getting slip is higher, but that’s not the case with aggressor pro. Your safety is the priority, and the company has succeeded at it. 

All Terra MTB Tires (4.5/5)

GT here used the MTB all terra cypher tires, which are sturdy and lightweight while riding the bike. The company has said these tires are more lightweight, but relatively they are above average yet effective considering the price we are paying for them. These tires are made for challenging terrains and greatly accelerated speed when riding through the soft pavement.

There would be hardly any case where you will not be content with the quality these MTB tires offer. These tires are right for long rides because they accept more air and absorb the bumps. 

Shimano’s Gearing System (4.0/5)

The bike’s speed is the most favorite thing about every cyclist since no one wants to go on a slow and boring speed. The company has decided to go with 3*8 Shimano’s gearing mechanism, which offers you plenty of speed variants. You will be able to get ahead of everyone when going through rocky, soft, or even the hardest terrain quite easily. The majority of the cyclists who are pro have said the most crucial part of cycling is knowing what type of brake one should use.

Shimano’s different variety of gearing mechanisms helps you use the bike perfectly and efficiently. Usually, people try to learn cycling with quite basic bicycles, and when they are asked to ride mountain bikes, they can’t do that. So whether you are a beginner or an expert cyclist, using Shimano’s gearing doesn’t require much experience. You need to be careful while going through downhill or uphill and use the brakes and gears accordingly.

Suspension System (4.4/5)

The use of the SR Suntour XCT DS suspension fork is quite impressive and offers you a comfortable ride even during the most challenging terrains. While riding through mountain roads, the one thing which you need is comfort, and the suspension system works flawlessly. The bumps would be absorbed by this suspension system and help you enjoy the ride thoroughly.

Considering the quality of the component you are getting in this bike is quite good, especially the level of disc brakes, suspension system when combined, this mountain bike goes to the next ultra level.

6061 Aluminum Riser Handelbar (4.4/5)

Any cyclist needs to have a good grip on the bicycle they are riding because when you don’t have control over the bike you are using, there will be consequences. 6061 aluminum riser handlebars give a perfect sitting position and the required grip while going through different terrains. Usually, what people think about the mountain bike is about the rigid design and reliable brake system. However, the handlebars need to be comfortable, which gives you total control of the bike, and that’s what the GT aggressor offers to you. 

Here is a quick video review of the bike if you want to check out.

FAQs About GT Aggressor Bike

Is GT Aggressor A Good Bike?

Yes, considering the price you are paying and the quality of the components, which company is offering GT aggressor pro mountain is the bike. Whether it’s a braking system, gears, frame, this bike’s overall quality is quite satisfying. You will not get the type of premium quality which GT offers at this low price range. So considering all those things, this bike is undoubtedly good.

IS GT Bikes A Reliable brand?

YES. since the last so many years, GT Bikes is producing one of the best and top-notch bicycles in the industry. Other companies haven’t done anything in a while. The targeted customer base of the GT is those who don’t have much money yet want a quality bike. So if you are trying to buy a budgeted mountain bike and have limited expectations, this brand is quite good.

Is Customization Necessary For This Mountain Bike?

It depends upon the type and the model you choose. Since many people said they did not like the way the company delivered this bike without any kickstand. So if you want to add kickstand, additional bottle holders, then you can do that. If the seating position is not up to the mark, then there is a high chance that customization would be a good option. 

Conclusion of GT Men’s Aggressor Pro Mountain Bike

So this is the ultimate GT Men’s aggressor pro mountain bike review, which we hope you must have liked for sure. Sometimes people want to get the best mountain bike, but they can’t buy the premium bikes because of the lack of budget and other things. This mountain bike from GT is quite great and offers a better quality of service considering its cost. So if you are looking for a sturdy and durable mountain bike that can be used for the long term, then this one’s made for you.
The ultimate buying decision should be subjective, and you can refer to actual customer reviews on the site and even ask your friends if they have used it. From our point of view, whether it’s a beginner or an expert cyclist, everyone would love to own this bike.

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