A Perfect Guide to Maintain Your Electric Bike

Increasing rates of petrol and diesel are directly affecting our budget. Along with it the increasing pollution also gives headaches to society. Using eco-friendly vehicles is one of the best options available in a market that helps solve both above the problems. An electric bike is the best eco-friendly vehicle that is easy to use, low on maintenance, and available at a very affordable price. Using an electric bike can also help your fitness. It’s a good exercise for your body, and there is no cheating in it because you still have to pedal your electric bike, and therefore you can burn your extra calories.

Riding an electric bike is not a complicated thing; it is as simple as riding your ordinary bike. By using the electric bike, you can save a lot of money with ease. The purchase might cost you slightly higher than an ordinary traditional bike, but the effects of an electric bike can be a money-saving thing. Also, electric bikes are relatively not so expensive to maintain in comparison to automobiles, and motorcycles like Juiced Electric Bikes are quite good if we consider the maintenance cost of these bikes.

Just because we have not much idea about electric bikes, we think it is a complicated thing and does not fit our budget. Also, people with electric bikes do not have a proper idea of how to maintain their electric bikes. There is a proper explanation, and the steps are given below to maintain your electric bike.

Guide to Maintain Your Electric Bike

Simple Ways To Maintain Electric Bikes With Ease

First of all, keep in mind that electric bikes are more alike than bicycles to require the same and simple essential maintenance as a standard bike. Compared to the standard bike, electric bikes are a little bit heavier, more robust, and complicated, so you will need additional knowledge to maintain your electric bike.

Tyre maintenance: 

Electric bikes have motors plus a battery and a beefier frame to support that equipment, and due to such construction, electric bikes are heavier than traditional bikes. That is why you will need a good and strong set of tires. One of the essential things to remember is to keep your tyre pressure accurate. Generally, the tyre pressure is mentioned when they are manufactured. Puncture repair of this kind of bike is similar to traditional bikes, but safety measures always keep replacing tires for electric bikes.

Wheel alignment: 

Do not forget to check your electric bike’s wheel alignment because the wheel alignment directly affects the battery range and braking system. With proper wheel alignment, your braking system will perform with more efficiency. This can be an excellent safety precaution.

Good care of your brakes: 

Brakes take care of your safety; that is why taking good care of brakes is essential. Electric bikes are heavy and fast, so you will need the best-stopping power to control them. Regularly check both the front and back brakes of your electric bike. When needed, Replace the brakes on time. The cost of the brakes of electric bikes is meager. Before every ride check, the loosen parts of the brakes and other parts of the bike. Regularly check excessive rotor and pad wear. It is essential to have good functioning brakes while riding, and in case you are feeling uncomfortable with your inspection, then directly go to the repair shop.

Maintaining the chain’s health: 

The chain performs a vital role in the electric bike’s functioning. Your chain gets a high level of general pressure which is caused by wearing and tearing while pedalling. So keep the focus on the chain, and maintaining it becomes your duty. There are no extra efforts needed to take care of the chain. You have to clean and lubricate the chain from time to time. Usually, you will need to wipe off the chain to remove old oil and dirt. After cleaning, apply fresh lubrication on the chain, then wipe off extra applied lubrication because it attracts more grit. Along with this, always check your chain’s health so that when needed, you can repair it or replace it on time.

Battery Handling: 

Charging and discharging of the battery affect battery health. The engineers of a manufacturer of electric bikes recommend that you charge and discharge your electric battery at least once a month. The batteries are heavy and expensive, so always be careful while attaching and detaching the battery. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions before doing any action about battery care and charging. Regularly check the battery of an electric bike even if you are not using it.

Mechanical checks and motor maintenance: 

Fortunately, there is not much to do while running mechanical checks on your electric bikes. All you need to do is just check the nuts and bolts which were loosened.

Due to riding, tightening them is essential. And in the case of motor maintenance, the good news is that most electric bike motors are specially designed to need low maintenance. In case there is any problem you feel will come rarely, then the fix is needed to replace the complete unit of an electric bike.

Charging the battery: 

Battery life is a primary useful part that directly helps the rider ride long distances. The battery of electric bikes can be recharged thousands of times in its lifetime. With good care of the battery and charging, it gives a rider some extra years of use of that battery before replacing it. Every manufacturer of electric bikes gives a manual that describes the measures to increase battery life. Generally, for long-term storage of batteries, it is better to store the battery within a 30% to 60% charge but read the manufacturer’s manual before confirming it. The cold temperatures make quick draining of the batteries to store your battery in a well-heated space.

Shop Service: 

While buying an electric bike, ask them about a local repair store or ask their service department so that in case there is any major problem arise. If you cannot solve it on your own, you can visit the repair shop to fix that problem.


By following the ways mentioned above, anyone can take good care of an electric bike with ease on their own. All the techniques are simple to apply in action and can be very helpful. If you liked this article useful, then please share it with your friends, family and other people in your contact.

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