Know-How Long Mountain Bike Tires Last and When You Should Replace Them

Using a mountain bike is all fun and adventurous to do, but taking care of it is also quite important. Mountain bike tires are famous for giving a durable and enjoyable cycling experience. But the one question which bothers many people is how long do mountain bike tires last and when you should replace them.

The need to replace a mountain tire arises when the knobs are torn down in various pieces, and its condition is not so good. When the MTB tires have bulges on them, it will stop giving a good grip, and you will lose balance while going through challenging terrain. Then it’s an indication that you should check the quality of the tire and, if possible, replace it. 

How Long Mountain Bike Tires Last

When To Change Mountain Tires?

Since there is no definite period for when you should change your mountain bike tires, we articulated the reasons or signs that will tell you to do that. 

  • When the knobs on the MTB tires are not in the same condition as when you purchased the mountain bike, the treads on the tire will show you the bad tires when you cannot see the tall knobs to be when you bought the bike. 
  • When there are bulges in the tire, it indicates that the tire’s strength has deteriorated and they are not in better shape.
  • Lack of pressure capacity in the MTB tires is also a common indicator that it’s time to replace them.
  • When there is a cracking spot on the MTB tire 
  • When the bike feels heavier than usual while riding through tough terrains, it indicates that there might be something wrong with the tire. 

There could be more reasons behind why your mountain bike’s tires are not in better shape, and you should try to change them. Since safety should be the priority of yours and having a better bike resolves many issues. 

How Long Do Bike Tire Last

It’s not a definitive question, but we have seen many people get confused about the MTB tire’s durability. Even though mountain bike tires are considered the best and durable, you can’t expect them to work for an infinite period. The longness of the bike tires depends upon how many miles of cycling you have done. Condition of the bike, terrain, and cycling frequency also matters when calculating the tires’ shelf life.

Usually, if you are traveling the bike on soft terrain, it can go up to 2000 miles. Considering you will use the bike just for a few days in a week, it can last for more than 1 ½ years. If you want to know the tires’ durability, then look at the different types of different tires. 

Types of Miles it Can Cover

  • Trailing tires 3000-7000
  • Touring tires More than 4000
  • Road Tires 1500-3000 
  • Racing more than 1000

The mountain bike tires fall under trailing tires, but when we consider the practicality, if the bike is used to riding on challenging terrains, then expect the overall estimated life of these tires gets reduced. It’s been observed that many users who used trail and touring tires gave positive reviews about it.

When you’re cycling on a countryside road, there is a high chance that you will face big obstacles, and in such cases, the durability of the tire gets increased. Usually, people go into the flow of cycling by taking their mountain bike on quite bumpy roads. Ultimately such things affect the overall quality of the tires. People keep getting confused about how long do bicycle tires last, but since now you have an idea, try to take care of your bike, and they will sustain for a longer duration for sure.

How To Increase The Durability Of Mountain Bike Tires

Cycling is the type of exercise you might not like the most at first glance, but there is no greater feeling when you get used to it than this beautiful adventure. If you are a hard cyclist and frequently use his/her mountain bike, we would like to help you keep your bike tires intact. You can follow these simple tricks to increase the durability of MTB tires. 

  • Before starting the ride, make sure tires are correctly inflated since low or high air pressure can damage the tire’s quality.
  • Avoid any skid or cycling at high speed on the challenging terrain. Since it can create abnormal pressure on the tires, they won’t handle it.
  • Protect bikes from UV rays. It’s been proved that the UV rays can also affect the quality of the MTB tires. So it would help if you tried to keep your bike in such a place where there is not so much sunlight. 
  • Try to avoid riding too much on challenging terrain and instead go cycling on smooth pavements. Even though mountain bikers won’t like this ride, still try to avoid the bumpy roads as much as you can. 
  • Keep track of how many miles you have done cycling. Since if you are using the bike for a long time, you should take it to the nearest mechanic shop and check whether the quality has deteriorated or not.
  • When riding through wet or rainy paths, check whether tires are losing grip or not.
  • If you have even simple doubts about the tires’ quality, get it fixed ASAP since it’s more proactive than getting your body hurt.

How Can You Fix A Mountain Tire?

As explained, it’s better to be proactive than reactive because it will save lots of your time, efforts, and most importantly, from pain. Before starting the ride, please make sure the MTB tires are better positioned, check their air pressure, quality, etc.

If the tires get punctured, try to carry yourself a tube repair equipment plus an air pump. You should know how to fix the issue or get it done with a nearby helper. Having the right equipment with you is far better than getting into trouble and waiting for help. 

The only difficulty you would be facing at first is learning how to repair a punctured tire. Usually, people don’t give much attention to the cycle components like tire, frame, gear, but if any of these fails to perform, you should know how to fix them. 

What Are The Cost Of Mountain Tires?

Around $50-100. It all depends upon the type of tire you want for your mountain bike. Since most of the bike’s tires come into this budget range, you would be able to get it fixed quickly from a nearby mechanic shop.

However, if you are the type of person who doesn’t hesitate to get his hands dirty, try to learn the art of fixing the bike by yourself and get it done since it will save your cost. 

Replacing Both Tires Simultaneously A Good Idea?

Yes, since many people don’t know when to replace mountain bike tires, we decided to answer this fundamental yet essential question. 

If your bike manages to perform better only with one right tire, then you should change that too. If the bike you are riding has an infected tire, then the other tire would get all the hits, and eventually, its quality will also deteriorate.

So if you think the other tire’s quality is also not so good, you should get it replaced along with the damaged one. It would cost you only a few bucks extra, but your cycling experience will not get affected, and safety is guaranteed. 


These are all the necessary yet important things that you, as a cyclist, need to know about MTB tires. Many people have asked us how many miles do bike tires last; since we answered this question above, we decided to articulate everything in detail. If you are new to mountain cycling or have never used any cycle before, try to frequently check the tires’ quality. When you are going mountain cycling with your buddies, you need to pay attention to the quality of the bike. 

Even though the replacement cost is not much when you want to ensure your cycling journey, many hesitate to do it. So If you have any doubts regarding MTB tires, then leave a comment down below. We would be quite happy to help you out. Keep cycling, and ensure your safety in every possible manner. 

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