How To Ride Mountain Bike Easily For Beginners

Mountain bikes are made for those people who are going to use them for various uses. They are not your typical road bikes, which anyone can handle and use for casual usage. The engineering of mountain bikes is hard-wired and involves the usage of a good cycling experience. If you are the type of person who has never used a mountain bike before or wants to know how to use them efficiently, then you are at the right place.

Beginners often make lots of mistakes when using a mountain bike. These mistakes include selecting a bicycle, using it, and then ultimately taking care of it. If appropriately used, Mountain Bikes can give you the worth of every single penny spent on it. However, you need to have proper knowledge of things before you start pedaling on these classy bikes. 

How To Ride Mountain Bike Easily

Basic Things Every Beginner Should Know About A Mountain Bike

Every beginner should have the following type of knowledge when it comes to handling mountain bikes. People make big mistakes, but that shouldn’t be the case with you. 

Maintain The Speed

One of the key things about using a mountain bike is that speed matters a lot. When you are riding bikes on different terrains, the only thing you need to focus on is the speed and the momentum. Maintain the right bike speed while going through the diverse landscape, and you will never face any issues with handling then bicycles. Beginners often don’t realize the simple thing about maintaining the correct speed, but most people ignore it, which is the most important point.

Shifting The Weight 

As a mountain bike owner, you would realize how much different the roads are made and what type of cycling you need to choose. People usually don’t give much importance to shifting the weight, but it’s entirely accurate. When climbing a mountain road with an uphill area, try to shift the weight forward or lean forward. If you are riding a bike downward, then shift the weight backward side or in the opposite direction. In these cases, your body would adjust to the situation and won’t lose balance. 

Loosen Up The Body

Don’t hold too much to the bike; lose it up and maintain simple mountain bike control. When you have too much to handle or control the bike excessively, you make a big mistake. Just spread your hands, let the legs work for you, and the whole cycle will take care of itself. Don’t force your body to do something which the bike can’t handle. In such a case, you will be saving the bike and ultimately your health also. 

Change Gears Accordingly

One of the hardest things to do is control yourself when you are getting tons of gearing options. The majority of mountain bikes will have more than dozens of gearing options; in such a case, you have to use the gears accordingly. When you are riding on a soft pavement, then you use the maximum speed without any perry. However, when you are riding a bike on the most challenging terrain, then in such a case, you will have to run the bike on moderate gears. 

The gearing mechanism is hard to understand, and for beginners, we can understand that they will make mistakes. However, use all types of gears according to the situation so that your bike will maintain in proper condition. 

Set The Suspension System Of Bicycle

In modern bicycles, the only thing which has emerged as the most significant invention in the cycling industry is the suspension system. You can always choose the type of bike with a great suspension system and head over to any terrain you want. Check how the suspension system is made and configure its settings accordingly. You should be able to learn how to lock out or open the suspension of the mountain bikes. 

These are casual things, but for a beginner, they carry lots of importance. The suspension system absorbs all the bumps you will be getting on the hard road. They have lots of significance in cycling, and you should always check its condition no matter what happens.

Check For Repairing

When we use a new mountain bike, we don’t give much importance to the repairs and relate stuff, but they carry lots of importance. You need to look out for frequent repairs and see how the repair will improve the bike’s condition. People usually believe that the repairing should be done regularly, but the majority of them ignore it.

When your bike is new, and in better condition, the priority should be to see all the bike parts better. Repairing makes the bike faster, durable, and holds up in the best position than our expectations. 

Focus On The Road

Don’t look at the right side, left side too much; focus on the pavement where you’re riding your bike. Many people usually get distracted by something while using a bicycle, but that shouldn’t happen with you. Things like these can look simple, but most beginners fall into the accident because of losing focus. 

Always check the road you are riding the bike on, see for any bumpers, and if the vision is not clear, then maintain the speed accordingly. Always give importance to your health first and then think about other things. 

Wear Helmets When Going For Ride

Even though we might not see much importance in helmets, using a mountain bike is also quite dangerous. There are roads and circumstances when your safety should be the top priority. So when you are at the beginner’s phase, wear a helmet that will fit your head and then move ahead on the road. 

Protecting your head when going through bumpy roads is quite like protecting the biggest asset you have in your possession. However, choose the helmet according to your head’s size, and don’t hesitate to pay even a little extra money on the quality helmet. 

Carry Extra Bottle Of Water And Other Items

When you are going for a long and mountainous ride, the only thing you should take off is the body. There are some roads where there won’t be any local store type where you can get the required energy drinks. So in such case, make a bottle handler for your mountain bike if there isn’t any. Carry two bottles of water and other necessary stuff like a repair kit also. The necessity of a repair kit is subjective, but when going for a long mountain ride alone, you should prepare yourself carefully and for every possible outcome. 


These are all the primary things that every beginner new to mountain biking should take care of. Even though the list of things that can help a beginner with the mountain bike are exhaustive, we decided to keep it short and made them valuable. People usually make mistakes after buying the mountain biker. They don’t know what type of things one should consider when using a mountain bike, so we decided to help everyone.

Choosing and selecting a bike is a subjective matter, but when you own a mountain bike, it becomes your responsibility to take care of it and handle it properly. We hope you like all of the points mentioned above; if there is something we forgot, leave a comment down below to let us know.

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