Huffy Nighthawk 26″ Review – Best Budget Mountain Bike?

The huffy brand is well known for manufacturing the best quality of bicycles, be it for regular roads or rough terrains. It uses top-notch materials and molds it in the bicycle. Huffy Nighthawk has some unique features like a mountain bike as it will be exposed to unfavorable climatic conditions.

We bring to you the Huffy nighthawk 26″ review, in which we discuss the features of the bike in vivid detail. This is so that the customers and viewers have a general idea about the bike and judge the credentials to suit their specific tastes.

Note: This bike is not available to buy online. You can either check out the nearest Walmart store for this bike or you can check out Huffy stone hardtail mountain bike which is another incredible mountain bike from the huffy bike brand and also in budget.

If you don’t want to read the full review and just want to know if the good and bad of this bike then check out below.

huffy nighthawk mens mountain bike

The Good

  • The cost of a bike is affordable.
  • The steel base material adds durability.
  • The pedals attached to the bike are sturdy.
  • The wheel is wide and aggressively rugged, which provides extra friction and better grip.
  • The disc brakes put an immediate stop to the vehicle.
  • The suspension adds comfort.

The Bad

  • Due to the steel base, the bike is heavier.
  • The suspension makes the bike heavier.
  • There is no rear suspension, which would have made the ride more comfortable.

Huffy 26″ Nighthawk Men’s Mountain Bike Review

The key specifications are as follows:

huffy nighthawk mens mountain bike

  • Frame– Steel
  • Tires– 26 inches
  • Pedals– ATB resin pedals
  • Shifters– Shimano
  • Brakes– Disc brakes

Features of Huffy Nighthawk Bike

Some of the essential features mentioned in the bike are given in the list below. Read it carefully to understand if this bike fits your criteria!

Rugged Tires (4.0/5)

The tires present in huffy nighthawk are rugged. Rugged tires are most suitable for mountain bikes as it has to sustain itself in rough terrains where proper metal roads do not exist. These tires fall in the category of off-road tires, which are wider and robust in nature than the regular tires we see on the streets.

Since the tires’ grip pattern is sparsely spaced, it works on a feature called “self-clean.” The aggressive pattern grips the road and increases the friction in mud or slippery slopes. Be it snow or mud; the 26 inches tire attached to the huffy nighthawk is perfect for all seasons.


People who like to drive around on their bicycles and like to visit unexplored areas, which can be rough at times, prefer 18-speed bikes. To serve the explorers’ desires, huffy nighthawk is equipped with 18 speeds, which means there are in total 18 gears to choose from. It offers a speed boost in 18 variants, which adds to the bike’s performance and speaks for the strong constructed structure of the bike.

Frame (4.2/5)

The basic mold of the bike is made of steel, considered one of the strongest metals. This metal, without a doubt, will make the bike long last. Other companies make the bikes out of aluminum or carbon fiber, which becomes brittle within a short span of time. But steel will take eons to bend.

Even though the steel frame comes with a massive advantage, it will make the bike heavier than the bikes made of aluminum or carbon fiber. It has been observed that an aluminum frame can weigh as much as the steel frame as the manufacture to add strength to the product adds extra diameter to the cylindrical frame.

As the bike’s purpose will be for trekking, a solid metal frame will be a boon more than a curse.

Suspension Fork (4.5/5)

The suspension fork becomes one of the key components in a mountain bike because it is responsible for giving a comfortable journey. The suspension fork attached to the huffy nighthawk is in the front, which guarantees partial suspension, which is good for a mountain bike.

Suspension reduces the acceleration of the bike with each bob. Hence, the power of speed gets reduced. Similarly, it adds weight to the bike, making the already heavy object heavier. Some people prefer full suspension, that is, suspension attached to the rear and the front, which makes the journey more comfortable than partial suspension.

But in the case of a mountain bike, such as Huffy nighthawk, the partial suspension does the trick. If you compare the other bikes with the same suspension feature, you will realize the bike’s cost is kept at its very low.

Shifters (4.0/5)

Shifting is an integral part of the riding process. Shifting is basically changing the bike’s gears; the smoother the transition, the best is the gear. The company attached the most reliable shifters in the market. The Shimano derailleur shifters make the gears shifted quite smoothly and quite efficiently.

Brakes (4.4/5)

Disc brakes are the ideal brakes for a bike, and huffy nighthawk did not disappoint. Disc brakes are apt for mountain bikes, but for regular sort of bike, this is one of the most prime choices. When required, the bike can be stopped with just a tiny clutch of the fingers; not much force is exerted.

The disc brakes work on the hydraulic system and have a greater stopping ability in steep slopes. It is also preferable if exposed to wet weather. Moreover, these brakes are suitable if the tires have a greater width, which is the case with huffy nighthawk.

Pedals (4.4/5)

The pedals attached to the bike are ATB Resin pedals, which are made up of plastic and boron steel. They weigh around 311 grams and are known for their durability and strength. Apart from this, it has reflectors which can be removed if the occasion calls for it, it is wide and has a ball bearing.

You can check out the video review of this bike from here.

Things That Can Be Improved in Huffy Nighthawk Men”s Mountain Bike

Every product has certain elements that can be improved. In this Huffy Nighthawk 26″ review, we will list some of the areas which could have been improved.

The Frame

It is not surprising that the steel frame adds durability, but on the other hand, it also makes the bike heavier. If the person is exposed to a dire situation, they will be a problem lifting the bike due to its weight. In recent years, carbon fibers are being preferred, not only light but also extremely sturdy.

The Saddle

The saddle is another component that might not seem to be important at first glance, but it has major functions contrary to belief. The saddle of huffy nighthawk could have been made more comfortable with making long journeys a better experience. The present saddle does not cut expert cyclists.

How to Maintain Huffy Nighthawk Bike?

  • The bike needs to be cleaned at regular intervals as it will be exposed to rough terrains, which might impact the bike.
  • While assembling the bike, ensure the brakes are tightly and properly placed.
  • The chairs have to be lubricated at regular intervals so that it does not get rusty.
  • Ensure the seat and the paddles are properly placed according to the rider’s preference before starting.
  • The preferred way of washing the bike is a cleaning solution, water, and sponge.

Is It A Good Brand?

The company holds a reputation to be the most reliable brand for beginners as well as professionals. They use the best materials to make the bike while maintaining the bike’s cost to a minimum. You can also check other Huffy Bikes Reviews if you want to know more about the huffy bike brand.

What Is the Exact Price Range?

Different mountain bikes have different price ranges depending on the selection. The sizes, the colors, and the features add to the price. The overall cost of the bikes is termed to be affordable.

Conclusion of Huffy Nighthawk 26″ Review

Huffy Nighthawk 26″ review discusses the features in detail and even lists the pros and cons to serve the customers in an ideal manner. The bike has been equipped with the best disc brakes, which serve in all seasons. The wide tires with gridded surface help provide better grip, the base frame of the bike adds to its durability. The bike’s cost is kept at a minimum when compared with other bikes of the same kind. Overall, the bike is worth every penny you invest in it.

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