Kids Bike Size Guide – Find Right Bike Size for Your Kid

Suppose you are trying to find a perfect bike for your kids, then congratulations because your kid hopes to be happy with that decision. Usually, when your kid is trying to find a bicycle by themselves, they tend to make many mistakes because they don’t know what they are doing. In such situations, we as a parent can make lots of difference by helping them with the correct choice of bike. The most important thing that I think is determining what type of size your kids need because it’s going to be quite a crucial factor before you make an actual purchase for sure.

Considering all those things, here we have gathered a kid’s bike size guide in which we have found some ways to determine how to measure a bike for a kid and all other related things. Since we think they are quite common, it requires immense research and other things we have already done.

I know the real pain of measuring what size bike I need for my child because you know that those things require lots of effort and hard work for sure. There are many ways to determine the size; the first is by going on with the height of your own child; others include measuring the frame size, wheel size, etc. of the bike you are buying and determining whether it’s good for your child or not.

Kids Bike Size Guide

Kids Bike Size Guide

So now, considering all those important factors here, we have come up with important things which you need to give the most importance to, so get ready to discover and determine by yourself.

1. Determining The Wheel Size

Any kid’s bike comes with various diameters of frame size, so if your kid wants to own a bike, then you must determine the frame size since it will give you an idea about whether to put the money on that product or not. Usually, kids’ frame sizes will come in the range of 10″,  12″, 16″, and that can go to 24″ also. 

If your kid is quite big and they can go for the 26″, then you should skip these kid’s bikes and straight to buy the adult bike for them since that would fit them more comfortably than those kids bikes. 

The best thing to determine what type of wheel size your kid will need is by looking at their height and age group in which they are currently living since that will help them make the right choice. Very few people can realize the importance of determining the heel size, but it’s quite easy; look at the toddler bicycle size and compare it with your own kid’s height, age, weight and you will get a clear idea about whether to make a phrase or not. 

Bike size chart for kids:

Depending upon what your kid looks like and the frame size he/she wants, here this little insight will help you.

Wheel SizeAge GroupHeight

2. Measuring Your Kids Height:

Now another best thing that many people don’t give importance to is understanding your kid’s height and making an actual decision based upon it. If you are trying to buy a bike for the first time, then it’s quite important because by measuring the height, frame size, and many other things, you will get an idea about what they need the most and make a decision based upon it. 

I have seen many people make a simple mistake that they don’t know what’s the height of the child they are buying the bike for; even if it’s nephews or the neighbor’s kid, you must know what their height is, and then make the decision based upon it. Because usually, when you buy an item like a bike, it’s not going to be that much easy, and you have to consider other factors before making an actual purchase. 

The best thing to decide the kid’s mountain bike sizes or any other bike you are willing to buy is by measuring the inseam and height of the child you’re buying this bike for since it’s going to make lots of difference before you make an actual decision. When you have those measurements, then go ahead and make the purchase. Here is the short guide on choosing the height, size, and inseam of the child. 

Kids Bike Size Chart According to Kid’s Height:

Age heightInseam

I have seen many people making a mistake by not looking at the obvious factors mentioned above. Now that’s why this chart will give you an exact idea about what type of bike the kid you’re purchasing the bike for will need and whether you need to make changes to it or not.

3. Check The Specifications:

Now the critical factor that no one should forget is to look up the specifications/features of the bike that kids want and match them with their expectations. Sometimes as grown men, we don’t have the mindset of a child and often make mistakes, so we need to keep in our mind the exact specifications that our kids are looking for in their favorite bike and make the decision based upon it. 

From my point of view, the most essential thing that everyone should check is the height of the seat post of the bike and determine whether it’s essential. Compare the Seatpost with the children’s inseam and decide whether or not it fits into the condition or not. The inseam of the bike depends upon what type of bike you are purchasing for your children, like the pedal bike or a balanced bike, so determine that height based upon it also.

I have seen and observed that for most bikes, it’s important to check that the minimum Seatpost of the bike is not shorter than your kid’s inseam since it can create problems, and you have to make some adjustments to the seat post, etc. So always check that factor since it will help you to determine whether your kid can put their feet on the ground or not. 

Now, if you are buying a pedal bike, make sure that the minimum Seatpost for your child’s bike is equal to your child’s inseam since it will help you determine the size and make a good decision. It is important to determine child inseam with Seatpost height because it can help them while they are riding the bike on the assisted pedals and whether their feet are touching the ground or not. 

Another important thing that needs to be considered is if the child you’re buying the bike for already knows how to pedal, you should buy a bike that will match the child’s inseam perfectly since it will help them ride the bike more easily and comfortably. 

It would be best if you did NOT BUY any bike with a minimum Seatpost height longer than 1-3″ than your children’s inseam since it will create lots of problems for them while using it. Your child will not be able to reach the ground perfectly and will have to ultimately make some adjustments to the seat post to make it further perfect.

What To Do If The Kid’s Height And Age Are In-Between?

If, after measuring the wheel size, height, and other factors, the determining factor is coming up in between, then you need to make a decision based upon your child’s demands. Usually, p[arenst are advised to go with some higher versions since once they learn how to pedal perfectly, they can always handle slightly bigger bikes. Considering their growth, they will need a bike that is sufficient for their height, weight, and other things.

Based upon their preferences, like whether they want a mountain bike or BMX style type, you need to make an actual decision in the end and determine what your kid will ultimately need.  Buying a higher bike will always save some money and effort since, with time, kids are destined to grow, and it helps them to cope with the bike also.

If you are still confused about the size of the bike for your kid then I would recommend you to check out RoyalBaby bike review because they are one of the best kid’s bike brands and you will get the most accurate sized bike for your kid as they have a wide range of kid’s bike for all age group kids.

Final Words

So this is the ultimate kid’s bike size guide that can help you determine what type of bike your kid needs and what things you as a buyer need to consider. In the end, the actual decision will have to be made based upon the kid’s demands, like the color, shape, and whether they like it or not. Usually, what happens is that our children do not like the bikes that we like so you should consider that also. 

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