Mongoose 29 Inch Excursion Mountain Bike Review

Attention: Mongoose has discontinued this bike and it is not available to buy anywhere. However, you can check out Mongoose dolomite mountain bike review which is extremely good and far better than the mongoose excursion bike.

Mongoose is one of the oldest and the best companies when it comes to buying a mountain bike. Many people requested us to write a mongoose excursion 29″ review, and it seems like people are more interested in buying a mountain bike than anything else. This bike is the ultimate definition of having the best quality material at a reasonable price.

Whether it’s the bike’s frame, size, braking system, or gears, all of the things are good. So grab a coffee and get ready to read this detailed review of excursion 29″, which will ultimately help you buy this mountain bike. 

You can check pros and cons of this bike quickly from here.

Mongoose 29 Inch Excursion Mountain Bike Review

The Good

  • Strong and durable steel frame.
  • Linear pull brakes are relatively easy to operate.
  • The knobby tire offers a more extended grip while going through challenging terrains.
  • Handlebars provide a more improved grip than any other mountain bike in this price range.
  • Shimano’s 21-speed option is sufficient for hardcore cyclists.
  • Durable and lightweight alloy rims offer more durability.
  • The black design and color make it more likable. 
  • Additional space is available for adding bottle holders. 

The Bad

  • The paddle requires a little adjustment.
  • The default seat could be problematic for taller guys.
  • Assembly of some parts is needed.

Mongoose Excursion Men’s Mountain Bike Reviews in Detail

Mongoose 29” excursion is that type of mountain bike which you do not hesitate to put your money on, so we decided to cover each aspect of it.

Key Specifications

Here are the key specifications of the mongoose excursion mountain bike.

Mongoose 29 Inch Excursion Mountain Bike Review

  • Type:- Mountain
  • Brand:- Mongoose
  • Tires:- 29”
  • Brake:- Linear Pull Brakes
  • Suspension:- Front Suspension
  • Speed:- 21 
  • Shifters:- Shimano’s Gear Shifters
  • Frame:- Steel

Features of Mongoose 29 Inch Excursion Mountain Bike

Mongoose 29” excursion is that type of mountain bike which you do not hesitate to put your money on, so we decided to cover each aspect of it.

Mountain Style Steel Frame (4.0/5)

The reason why someone would mountain bike is that they would like to go on an adventure. The bike’s climbing speed when you are riding it through difficult paths depends significantly on its frame. Mongoose excursion mountain bikes come with mountain-style steel frames which are sufficient enough to take you anywhere.

The one aspect we liked the most is its lightweight design; it’s relatively easy to operate and helps you adjust the bike without creating any fuzz. Those who are a beginner or at an intermediate level can skill upcycling with this mountain bike’s help. The quality of the material used here is quite durable, and you won’t have any usability issues. The black color overall suits the design of the frame and makes it more stylish as well.

Flexible Front Suspension (4.2/5)

Whether you are going through soft or challenging terrain, it won’t affect your cycling speed or technique because of the flexible suspension fork system embedded in this mountain bike. The company knows what type of durable quality product a customer wants for a better price, and they decided to put a reliable front suspension system.

The font suspension response is far better than any other mountain bike you get at this price range. So trusting in a branded company like Mongoose, you won’t be disappointed to see your mountain bike working without any issues for an extended period. The bumpy roads become quite a big problem if you are trying to ride with your buddies, but the front suspension system helps you. 

21 Speed Shifters (4.2/5)

Shimano’s rear derailleur provides enough speed options to get ahead of any competitors in a race. Usually, people underestimate the value of a perfect gearing mechanism. They often tend to rely upon low-quality components, which would cost you less money but not suitable for long term cycling. So if you are in a better position and don’t hesitate to spend a little more money, you should go with this mountain bike. Shimano’s 21-speed options work like a charm. Whether you are riding on smooth pavement or cycling on country roads, it gives you the best feeling.

Shimano’s twist shifters usually work without any flaw, and it helps you change the gears immediately irrespective of the terrain you are riding your bike on. A quick shift in the gearing makes it more likable than any other mountain bike. 

Pull Brakes (4.5/5)

One of the most important yet many people don’t pay much-required attention to is the mountain bike’s braking system. If you plan to buy a mountain bike for the long term, you should know how the braking system works. Mongoose excursion has both front and rear linear-pull brakes, which are relatively easy to operate and help you stop the bike quickly. Whether you are an expert cyclist or not, the most crucial aspect you should give total attention to is the braking system.

Hopefully, the linear-pull brakes in this mountain bike don’t disappoint you at all, and it can work better on challenging terrain as well. The bumpy roads are often hard to ride the bike on, and in such situations, a pair of best linear brake systems becomes your savior. 

Knobby Tread Mountain Tires (4.0/5)

The best thing about riding any mountain bike is that you will enjoy the thrill of cycling and get to experience how professionals feel when they go through different types of roads. However, when riding a bicycle, your safety must be ensured, and the usage of the tires in a mountain bike determines how much grip these tires can offer you during hard times. Knobby mountain tires are perfectly suited for a bike since you will use them a hard way.

When you are trying to enjoy cycling, there will be some hard pavement through which you will have to go, and in such cases, the gripping offered by 29” sturdy knobby tread mountain tires is unmatchable. There are many mountain bikes in this price range, but none have such premium quality tires. 

Strong Alloy Rims (4.4/5)

The usage of alloy rim made by the company is quite commendable. They decided to go with soft and strong alloy rims perfect for a mountain bike like this one. Alloy rims help you to maintain the bike in a perfectly desired position without losing any control over it. It increases the durability of the overall bike and enables you to accelerate at a better speed. The design matches the overall bike and makes you like the bike even further and for better reasons. 

Comfortable Saddle  (4.4/5)

The MTB saddle used in this mountain bike is quite perfect and suitable for longer rides. If you are the type of guy who always likes to enjoy long cycling journeys, then this one’s made for you. Since the comfortable saddle position is made for a long and sustained cycling journey, even though we found some faults in the default saddle, if customized accordingly, then you will not have any issues. 

Here is the quick video review of the Mongoose excursion 29″ bike if you want to check out.

FAQs About Mongoose Excursion Bike

Is Mongoose A Good Mountain Bike Brand?

YES. When you are short of money or don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on some fancy mountain bikes that don’t add much value, Mongoose is the company you should trust. For the last so many years, they have been developing top-quality mountain bikes, and from our perspective, we did not find any significant fault in this mountain bike.  Even, we have written a separate article on Mongoose bikes reviews if you really want to know the mongoose brand better.

What Is The Limit On A Mongoose Bike?

Around 300 lbs. You can smoothly ride the mountain bike of Mongoose without worrying about your weight capacity. The company has used durable quality components that offer a weight capacity of about 300 pounds. Usually, people don’t give much attention to the quality of the components used by the company. So here in this mountain bike also the weight capacity is around 300 lbs. 

Conclusion of Mongoose Excursion 29″ Bike

So this is the final mongoose excursion 29″ reviews, which you must have liked. The actual buying decision of yours would depend upon lots of factors such as size, color option, budget, etc. That decision is your subjective decision answer won’t interfere in it. We are trying to convey this is the best budget mountain bike you would get in this price range. Mongoose is the type of company famous for creating decent mountain bikes for the average price range. You can also have a look at the Mongoose Montana mountain bike review.
Not everyone is a fan of spending thousands of dollars, and if you are trying to buy the mountain bike you can use for multiple usages, then this one’s the best. If properly maintained, it can do wonders because many cyclists, including professional ones, told us about each aspect. So if you are planning to get on the track of mountain cycling, try considering it first.

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