Mongoose Montana Mountain Bike Review

Are you looking for a Mongoose Montana Mountain bike review before making the purchase? You are at the right place because we have reviewed this bike in-depth in this article. The bikes manufactured by Mongoose have been dominating the world for centuries for the simple reason of providing the finest bikes at the most affordable prices. And all these facilities are achieved without making a single compromise to the quality of the bike. 

The differences are extremely subtle; thus, when Mongoose Montana mountain bikes are compared to high-end professional mountain bikes by an expert, he or she can hardly notice any difference. They manufacture the bike in an open mold system which makes the bike cheap. 

Since they want to relax and provide fun to the customers, they design the bike in such a way, that the bikes exude this message every time the rider paddles. The company is especially known for its mountain bikes. 

Mountain bikes are not similar to ordinary road bikes because they are exposed to rough terrain and extreme climatic condition. Hence, these bikes require special features and care.

Notice: Mongoose has officially discontinued this bike but don’t you worry because Mongoose has a great mountain bike in the budget which is Mongoose Status Mountain Bike. You can check out this bike if you want to get a decent mountain bike.

Mongoose Montana Mountain Bike Review In-Depth


Sub Title

  • Frame – Light Weight Aluminium
  • Brake System – Linear Pull Brakes
  • Tires:- 26.”
  • Speed:- 21 options 

If you are a beginner or a student, Mongoose Montana Mountain bike is the best of its class. The bike is crafted in such a manner that it is meant to provide maximum entertainment and thrill for adventure seekers. The main base body of the bicycle is made with aluminum which makes it lightweight and cheaper. The brakes and gear attached to this bike are top-notch. The features of the bike are given below. 

Features of Mongoose Montana Bike

Before purchasing a bike, it is important to swipe through the features of a bike so that the buyer is sure of his choice. Given below is a list of features that are discussed in explicit detail:

Aluminum Frame (4.0/5)

This bike is made of aluminium which makes the cost of the bike cheaper than most in the market. To state that the entire bike is made of aluminium would be wrong. It is made of approximately 95% aluminium and a mixture of some other metal to strengthen it further. 

For centuries, bikes, in general, have been made of steel or other heavier materials. Using aluminium to manufacture the bikes decreases the weight of the bike; hence, people who are going on trails can easily carry the bike on their shoulders if any such occasion arises. Aluminium also has anti-rust properties which make them ideal for mountain bikes. 

This way, the buyer would not need to spend too much amount on maintenance. Bikes that are made of aluminium are stiff, which makes it convenient for people who are using them for racing as it provides the right amount of stability.  But this can become a bit tricky when it comes to mountain bikes since it provides less comfort on rocky terrain. 

Paddle Seat (4.2/5)

The adjustable bicycle seat attached to the bicycle has extra padding on them which makes it comfortable for the rider when he goes on a long expedition that will require being stuck to the saddle for hours at end. For this purpose, it has attached a comfortable saddle. 

Moreover, the saddle is adjustable. This helps the rider to adjust according to his or her preference which will eliminate the prospect of joint pains & muscle soreness. It has been observed that if the height of the saddle is low, it can lead to overworked joints. Extending the height or adjusting it will make the task of riding the bikes more easily with almost no health complications. 

Handlebars (4.2/5)

The sort of hand bars used for mountain bikes is different from that of the regular ones. It is specially designed to sustain the atrocities of the rough terrains. They are wider, and the bar is slightly higher than that of the regular road bikes. They are non-slippery, hence provide excellent grip.  

SRAM Twist Shifter Gear Changers (4.5/5)

Shifting is an integral part of the riding process. Shifting is changing the gears of the bike, the smoother the transition the best is the gear. It is an integrated lock-on system that makes the shifters as well as the stock block a single unit. The lightweight nature of the gear also makes the shifting smooth. 

Tires (4.0/5)

Mountain bikes are not similar to normal bikes; hence the slim tires that are usually provided with the road bikes would not serve any purpose. As the simple tires would not be able to sustain the high pressure exerted on them. 

For this purpose, the mountain bikes are equipped with wider tires, and Mongoose Montana mountain bikes are the same. The size of the tires is 26 inches which has the capacity to intake high pressure even while giving proper speed in rough terrains.

Suspension Fork (4.4/5)

The suspension fork is one of the key elements of a bike which in charge of proving the rider with maximum comfort. A suspension fork can be present at a different point such as in the saddle, the rear wheel, or the front wheel but all of them work to provide better comfort and better traction while cornering. 

This bike is well-known for its full suspension fork. This bike will definitely provide the rider will all the comfort while partaking in a journey.

What We Liked About This Bike

Like any other product, the Mongoose Montana bike also has some advantages and disadvantages. This article will discuss the advantages first. 

Light Frame

As the bike is using aluminium as its base material; the bike is essentially lightweight which makes it ideal for mountain trailers. They have the option of carrying it if the occasion arises quite easily, which would not have been possible if the bike is made of heavier materials. 

The Cost is Cheaper

The price tag attached to the bike is cheaper than other similar bikes available in the market. Since the bike is made of aluminium, the cost gets decreased. Carbon fibre is considered to be ideal for mountain bikes but using carbon fibre increases the overall cost of the bike, which makes it inconvenient for some of the buyers who have a limited budget. Thus, when compared, aluminium makes the cost of the bike cheaper as well as lightweight.


The saddle attached to the mongoose montana mountain bike is cushiony which provides the rider with utmost comfort. Moreover, the saddle is adjustable, which makes it all the more convenient on the part of the riders. 

Hand Bars

The hand bars that come with the vehicle are non-slippery in nature. Thus, it makes it convenient for people who are seeking adventure.


This bike can be used by beginners, students, and workers. It is designed in such a manner that it suits the taste of everyone.  

The colour

The colour combination used for the bike is matte orange and black, which catches the eye of the people and makes you stand out in the crowd.


The mongoose Montana mountain bike is available in different sizes which makes it more appealing to consumers. 


The parts of the bike are easy to assemble and will definitely not require extra aid. 

What We Didn’t Like About This Bike

Some of the disadvantages are listed below:


After more than two to three gear shifts, it becomes difficult to shift the gears while the rider is still on the bike.

Body of the bike

It has been stated by many that instead of an aluminium base, the bike could have been made with carbon fibre which is lighter in nature and provides equal strength. 


Some customers complained about the weight of the bike, which comes around to 40 pounds. This makes it difficult for the riders to carry if required.

Suspension Fork

Though the suspension fork provides comfort to the rider, it increases the cost of the vehicle. Moreover, it creates a problem during a climb. 

Conclusion of Mongoose Montana Bike Review

If we compare both the advantages and the disadvantages of the bike, it is observed that the list of advantages is far more than the disadvantages. The bike suits the temperament of beginners as well as professionals. The bike maintains quality while still thinking about affordability. Hope this Mongoose Montana Mountain Bike Review article was of some help to the views. 

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