Mongoose v/s Schwinn – Which Brand Makes Better Bikes?

The mongoose and Schwinn are some of the most popular brands among the riders interested in challenging rides. However, if you are buying from above these brands, you must understand the features. In this article, you will get an idea about mongoose v/s Schwinn: which brand makes better bikes?

Buying a perfect balanced bike from popular brands is not an easy task. It isn’t easy to choose one of them because both companies are excellent and compatible with each other in every aspect. To have the best choice, we put these companies against each other to match up.

mongoose vs schwinn

Mongoose v/s Schwinn: which brand makes better bikes?

If you are going to buy a bike from the above two brands, you should know the similar and different features and qualities of both mongoose and Schwinn companies. From the following description, you can easily determine the right manufacturer which is suitable for your cycling style and choice.

Wide range of bikes:

Both companies started their journey as road and BMX bike manufacturers. Still, with the course of time and the market’s need, they have enlarged their view and promoted other types of bike manufacturing, which made a wide range of bikes to offer for the different types of riders. Mongoose has different types of bikes like Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire bike is one of the best fat tire bikes from this brand.

The mongoose and Schwinn, both companies, are good at making mountain bikes for kids and adults. That’s the only similar thing about them because mongoose manufacturing is limited only up to making BMX bikes and urban bikes. But on the other hand, the Schwinn Company is quite better than mongoose when it comes to a wide range of bikes. The Schwinn creates not only mountain bikes but also cruiser bikes, hybrid bikes, and electric bikes too. Therefore, in the case of offering Schwinn, bikes are much better than mongoose. You can take a look at the Schwinn Protocol bike for instance.

Bike Durability and Quality:

The bike’s frame construction determines the durability, strength, and quality of the bike to provide the best experience to the rider. There is a similarity in the frame construction of both mongoose and Schwinn because both of these brands use aluminium frames which are affordable, strong, durable, and quite lightweight. 

But the mongoose bike’s frame designs are made up of superior quality aluminium alloy, which is more durable and stronger than the alloy used for making Schwinn bike’s frames. As a result, though the mongoose frames are slightly more expensive than Schwinn, the quality of frames is excellent and gives impressive performance even in rough conditions to perform stunts and tricks.

Budget Friendly and Affordable Bikes:

The mongoose and Schwinn both brands have unique featured bikes with a wide range of offerings. Along with wide and different types of bikes, there is variety in the price of the bikes. Both companies are focused on minimizing the price of the bikes to fit easily into the budget. The price range of both mongoose and Schwinn is found to be different from seller to seller.

Generally, the Schwinn bikes for kids start from around $100 to $200, which is very affordable to any budget. Similarly, the Schwinn adult mountain bikes range starts from around $250 and goes up to $700. So if we see the quality provided by the Schwinn company, this price range of bikes for both kids and adults seems quite reasonable and suitable for everyone.

On the other hand, mongoose bikes for kids are slightly more expensive than Schwinn. The price range of mongoose kids bikes starts from $150, and it goes up to $700, which also consists of mountain bikes for kids. The mongoose adult mountain bikes range from nearly $300, and some of their top-notch bike models are sold for up to $2500.

In the case of the bikes’ affordability and price value, Schwinn bikes are always cheaper and affordable for every type of budget. The cheaper price of the bike does not mean they are poor in performance. The price and performance of the Schwinn bikes are remarkable.

Performance on Different Terrains:

Mongoose and Schwinn both brands are well known for their variety of bikes, especially mountain bikes. The bikes of both brands are unique with features and can provide world-class quality of performance to the rider. The bike’s excellence and the brand are determined by how they perform on different terrain conditions.

The mongoose bike’s frame comprises a higher-quality aluminium alloy, and the other components are also well balanced to perform smoothly. The mongoose bikes are much better than Schwinn bikes to ride in rough, uneven, rocky, and challenging conditions. The mongoose bikes are suitable for those interested in extreme sports, doing jumps, stunts, and tricks on the bike.

On the other hand, the Schwinn bikes are also built with a strong and durable aluminium frame, but they are well suited for the riders with the basic riding skill set, for commuters and general city riders.

Pros and Cons of Mongoose Brand Bikes


  • Superior quality of bikes in a reasonable price range.
  • Scaled by the need of the rider.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for users.


  • The bikes are a bit more expensive than some other brands in the market.

Pros and Cons of Schwinn Brand Bikes


  • The budget-friendly and affordable price range of bikes.
  • Excellent for beginners and intermediate riders.
  • Durable and reliable performance and quality.


  • The components of the bikes are not suitable for higher-level riders.


After comparing both brands and features, it can be easy to buy a well-suited bike for you from these brands. The mongoose and Schwinn both have a good record in manufacturing the best quality of bikes, and it is not good to say that one of them is good and one of them is bad, and it is also hard to determine which one is bad.

After all, there is a wide range of options available for buyers to choose from which bike is well suited for their riding style, skillset and, most importantly, fits into the budget. Both of these brands are good in quality, reputation, and performance.

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  1. Thanks Steve I now have 2 mongoose excursions. Very pleased with both so far. I also own a genesis 27.5″ mountain bike that I like riding as well. Between my son and daughter and myself we have over 20 frames mongoose is my choice. I had a 29″ bliss no. 3 giant that l really liked but it got stolen and I haven’t recovered it think my son is down to 2 haros he had as many as 4 at once. My daughter is more of a cruiser she likes comfort and dependability. Thanks again Steve.

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