Mongoose Vinson Review – Worth It Fat Tire Bike?

The Mongoose Vinson is an ideal example of a fat tire bike currently available in the market. This bike is a perfect package for riders who love to ride on different terrains. In this Mongoose Vinson review, you will get a complete idea about this well-featured fat tire bike.

The trend of fat tire bikes is increasing worldwide because fat tire bikes are amazing and joyful. The design and performance of the fat tire bikes are quite useful for riders to ride anywhere on any terrain without compromising the fun of riding.

You can check pros and cons of this bike from Mongoose Bikes quickly from here.

mongoose vinson review

The Good

  • The bike has a strong and durable design.
  • Lightweight in nature.
  • Accurate, smooth and fast gear shifting options.
  • A variety of color options is available.

The Bad

  • The pedals are made up of plastic which may not last long.
  • Lack of cushioning in the seat, which is not comfortable for long rides.

Mongoose Vinson Fat Tire Bike Review:

Mongoose is a finely trusted bike manufacturer which provides the best quality of bikes for the riders to achieve the maximum joy of riding a bike. The Mongoose Vinson is also one of the best bikes manufactured by the company. This fat tire bike can change your bike riding experience.

When you have plenty of options to choose from, sometimes it becomes confusing, and that’s why we picked the best bike that you can also afford, so let’s get into the detailed review and find out whether it’s worth the money you are planning to spend on it or not. 

Key Specifications

mongoose vinson review

  • Frame: Chromoly Steel Frame.
  • Gearing: 44T Chainring w/11-28T Cassette.
  • Wheels: lightweight 28c tires.
  • Saddle: synthetic leather saddle.
  • Derailleur: Sunrace RD-R81, 8 speed.
  • Brakes: Caliper hand brakes.

Features of State Bicycle Co 4130

Here are the main key features of the mongoose Vinson bike that you should first look at to help you understand this bike’s indebtedness. 

<strong>Durable Bike Frame</strong> (4.2/5)

The bike is made up of a strong and rigid MTB fork with the assistance of a durable aluminum frame. So there is no problem while riding on any terrain; whether it is slippery surface, rocky and rough terrain or bumpy roads, the performance is always at its best.

The durable aluminum frame provides durability to the bike and makes it quite light in weight. This is the advantage of the bike over the bike models made of much heavier steel frames. The mongoose Vinson bike is a package lightweight and durable.

<strong><strong>Fat and Knobby Wheels:</strong></strong> (4.3/5)

The tires are extra-large and thick in size. The bike has 4″ wide fat tires, and the rims are made up of durable alloy. The bike’s wheel is 24″ in size. The tires are designed in the manner of riding on any terrain in the world. The tires are not affected by the surface, whether sandy, snowy, slippery, or bumpy. The tires of the Mongoose Vinson provide maximum traction to keep the bike in the best position, even on slippery roads. 

Some people have a phobia when it comes to riding the bike during rainy days because of the fear of losing balance or slipping on soft terrain. But, the type of quality of the tires Mongoose has used is quite stunning, and it gives you extra balance and support. 

<strong>Gear</strong> (4.3/5)

A rider always wants a fast and stable bike for the ultimate riding experience. The mongoose Vinson bike is very good in the field of speed. The bike has 24 speed-changing gear options, which provide complete freedom to the rider to unlock all his potential. The most important aspect of using the bicycle is to check first how much speed you are getting. You can check the power of the bike’s speed by looking at its gearing mechanism, and this bike has plenty of them.

The Mongoose Vinson is equipped with SRAM X4 trigger shifters, SRAMx4 front derailleur, and Shimano front derailleur. Combining all these components gives you an amazing and wide range of gear shifting options whenever needed without any problem. The durable alloy crank is also helpful while changing gears; the crank, which is made of durable three-piece alloy, makes gearing smooth, and it also reduces the maintenance time on bikes.

<strong><strong>Strong Stopping Power</strong></strong> (4.5/5)

The mongoose Vinson bike comes with a wide range of gear-changing options, making the bike ultimately faster than normal. And when there is a bike with extra speed, strong and quick brakes are also needed for the rider’s safety. The brakes are the most important part of the bike, giving safety to the rider, especially when it’s a crucial terrain and challenging obstacles in the way. 

The mongoose Vinson bike is made up of dual mechanical disc brakes, which provide instant and smooth stopping power in any surface condition. So whether you are with your friends on the hard terrain or using the bicycle during the rainy season, the bike’s brakes are what you need to focus on. Fortunately, the dual disk brakes used by the Mongoose are quite good and do not disappoint you even a little bit.

Mongoose Vinson v/s Dolomite:

The Mongoose Vinson and Dolomite bikes are superb in performance. However, even though the outlook and specifications of both bikes are quite similar, some small differences give different types of riding experience to the riders.

It looks like the Mongoose Vinson is a better and improved version of the mongoose Dolomite. The first difference between these two bikes is the weight of the bikes. When we compare the weight of both bikes, you can see that the Mongoose Vinson is lighter than Dolomite due to its aircraft aluminum alloy, which also makes Vinson a more responsive bike.

Another difference is between derailleur and shifters. The Mongoose Vinson is much better than Dolomite in this field. The Vinson has SRAM X4 derailleur and shifters, and also it comes with a wide range of 3×8 gear shifting options, while on the other hand, the Dolomite has only 1×7 gear options. So overall, the Vinson is far better than the Dolomite, except the cost of Vinson is a few dollars higher than the Dolomite, but the Vinson is completely worth its cost.

Should You Buy This Bike?

If you are looking for a flat tire bike, then the Mongoose Vinson is the best option for you available in the market. Because the bike provides lightweight, durable, and smooth performance, it can ride on any hard terrain with ease. The price of the bike is very affordable and completely worth it due to its performance. Many people go into a dilemma when they are trying to purchase a bicycle for various reasons. If you are also in that situation, don’t worry much, and you can go with this brand without any worries.

With the lightweight frame, 24 gear shifting options, fat knobby tires, and strong dual mechanical disc brakes, you can ride this bike anytime. This bike is a great and ideal option for a good entry-level bike. This bike is ideal for nearly every type of rider, and the way the company has managed to add superior features for a meager price is quite stunning.

Mongoose is a famous and reliable brand that every cyclist trusts when purchasing a bicycle for long-term usage. Because the built-up quality of the Mongoose gives you the great feeling of owning a durable and much-desired bicycle. Mongoose bike brand has also made some other great mountain bikes and Mongoose excursion mountain bike is one of them.

Verdict of Mongoose Vinson Review

If you are interested in fat-tire bikes, you should add this mongoose Vinson fat tire bike to your checklist because this bike is best suitable for any terrain and type of rider. It doesn’t matter whether you are a regular or occasional rider. If you want the ultimate riding experience, then this bike is made for you. If you are still in a dilemma or have some questions relating to the bike, leave a comment down below, we will be happy to help you out.

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