The Definitive Guide to Buying Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are always fun to ride on because they give the same experience of cycling which you need, i.e. adventurous, thrilling, and most importantly unique. There are tons of brands selling mountain bikes; you have to choose the right one accordingly. People usually underestimate the value of knowing how to buy a perfect mountain bike. But in this mountain bike buying guide, we decided to cover each point you as a buyer of a mountain bike should never ignore.

Mountain bikes are just another form of road bikes, but these are made for specific terrain, and you will have to choose accordingly. People usually don’t pay much attention to the type of mountain bike they are buying, and hence we covered each aspect of this fantastic bike in detail. 

mountain bike buying guide

Points To Be Consider Before Buying A Mountain Bike

Whether you’re an experienced rider or just a beginner, you will have to choose the mountain bike to suit your personality. Even if the bike that might look fancy outside might not be worth the hard-earned money we spend on it. 

The Type

Since there are various types of mountain bikes, like a hardtail, full-suspension system, etc. You should know which type is suitable for you and choose accordingly. Since there are tons of varieties available in the market, it might confuse you sometimes. People usually get confused when they stumble upon various options, and it won’t happen with you when you know the exact type of bike you want to buy.

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

A suspension system in the bike helps you to tackle the most challenging parts of any terrain. So whether you are trying to ride the bike on a mountain road, the one thing that you need to pay attention to is the bike’s suspension system. Full suspension mountain bikes come with suspension systems both at the front and rear sides. The suspension absorbs all types of bumps the bike would get while riding it through rough roads.

Usually, the travel range would be around 80-200MM both at the front and rear. Some suspension systems even offer you an option lockout. Under this situation, the bike’s suspension would lock, and you don’t have to make any further adjustment, it would reduce the speed, absorb the bumps accordingly. When buying a mountain bike, the one crucial aspect you need to pay the most attention to is this part. People usually don’t think much about the suspension system when they see some fancy design and an attractive advertisement for such a product.

Rigid Mountain Bike

The rigid mountain bikes are for those intense riders who don’t even need to have a suspension system in their bike. Ridgid bikes are famous for making riders more comfortable on the soft terrain as they remove the suspension system and rely more on the tires’ quality. Since the lack of a suspension system would mean you will not take the bike on the challenging terrain, you can still enjoy riding them on soft terrain.

Rigid bikes are relatively more significant than typical casual bikes, and they are perfect for soft terrain. The demand for rigid bikes is becoming lower because people don’t want to buy a bike without a suspension system, still, if you’re a type of person interested in it. 

HardTail Mountain Bikes

Hardtail mountain bikes are becoming quite famous among the new cyclists since they are easy to operate and give you everything. These bikes come with front suspension but only at the front end and not the rear. The idea behind it was to give more acceleration by making the bike lighter. You can easily control this type of bike without any issue, and they are best for everyone who likes to own a lightweight mountain bike. 


One of the most important aspects of any mountain bike is the wheelset. Whether you’re buying a mountain bike for intense or casual riding, it won’t matter, but the mountain bike’s tire quality should be top-notch. Mountain bikes usually come in three-wheel size who are as follows:-

26″:- These tires were the standard type of mountain bike since it can take the terrain quite smoothly. They are famous for making bikes lightweight and easy to control in any weather condition.

27.5″:- The standard type of tires on mountain bikes have now become 7.5″, and they are surprisingly quite good. The MTB tires’ gripping is outstanding, and whether you are going the most challenging terrain, you won’t feel any bump while riding the bike. 

29″:- Those who like more giant bicycles can go with this type of tires. 29″ are more significant, sturdier, and give you more control of the bike than anything else. The only thing which you will not like is being overweight. 

Riding Style

Depending upon the riding style you prefer the mountain bike be chosen accordingly. Countryside, mountain, casual are the various types of cycling which many people prefer. The reason why you’re buying a mountain bike must be in your mind. If you want to compete with your friends every week, you should go on a racing bike. If you’re trying to lose weight by taking intense cycling lessons, then a hardtail mountain bike would suit you.

Whether you’re riding a bike on a hardtail, mountain road, or downhill you will always have to go with a mountain bike. I chose to write this beginner mountain bike buying guide to help all those people buying their first mountain bike and be happy with it for a more extended period. 


The type of frame on the mountain bike is as important as the suspension system. Aluminium, steel, or carbon bodies are various frames you will get to see in a mountain bike. One should always look out for the quality of the frame and its size. Aluminium frame bikes are becoming an everyday norm among the manufacturers, and people also love them. 

Carbon fibre is also becoming quite normal in today’s mountain bikes because companies can manage them at a meager cost. Carbon fibre is excellent when you are riding a bike on soft terrain, but it’s not suitable for hardtail or downhill roads, and you should prepare yourself for extra maintenance. 

Brakes And Drivetrain

The braking system in the mountain bike would vary from hydraulic, disc, and linear brakes. The drivetrain offers you the speed you need, the most common drivetrain you will get in any mountain bike is 1x with 12 or more gearing options. The use of the premium quality of gearing mechanism is always far better than any cheap quality material.

The braking system and gearing mechanism determine the speed limit of the bike. It would be sad if you choose to go with a mountain bike with relatively fewer gears since all of your cycling journeys would depend upon it. 


The bike’s size will be a crucial point of selection for you because if the bike doesn’t match your body, you should always look for a substitute until you find the right one. Those who are heavyweight or have taller height should always go with a much bigger mountain bike. Always check whether this size of the bible you are buying is suitable for you. People usually don’t give much attention to the fact that the frame material’s size plays a vital role while using a mountain bike.

The Budget

Since all things would depend upon the amount of money, you have in your pocket when purchasing a mountain bike. There are tons of varieties when it comes to buying mountain bikes. The price range would vary from $1000-6000, so make sure you have a sufficient amount with yourself. Components, gearing mechanism, frame material are determined by the price of a mountain bike you are trying to buy. If you’re the type of person who likes to prefer quality material over cheap, then you should not be bothered about the price.


These are some of the basic things you need to consider before deciding to buy a mountain bike. People are always curious about mountain bikes, but they often make mistakes while choosing the right one. You cannot waste the hard-earned money on your first mountain bike when you have knowledge sources to gain information about it. If you are just a beginner or starting to ride the bicycle, then check out other articles on to know which type of bike you will need.

However, if you are determined to own a mountain bike, this guide is sufficient enough to make that decision. If you have any thoughts or questions, leave a comment down below., we will be glad to help you out. 

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