Raleigh Cadent 2 Review – Should You Buy This Bike?

You can take your riding to the next level if you have the perfect bike. As a rider, of course, you want to ride tough. And for this purpose, Raleigh Cadent 2 is a perfect bike for you, and in this Raleigh Cadent 2 review, you will get a complete idea about this amazing and uniquely featured bike.

Not every bike will give you the that you crave. But this Raleigh cadent 2 hybrid bike has many features to offer, like durability, functionality, speed, force, and much more, which will boost your bike riding fun and experience. 

You can check the pros and cons of this bike from Raleigh bike brand quickly from here.

Raleigh Cadent 2

The Good

  • Designed with a quality disc brake system, the bike provides you with optimal safety by letting you be in control as you ride.
  • The comfortable handlebars allow you to stand up rides comfortably whenever the need arises.
  • The sporty geometry of this bike ensures that you won’t experience back or neck pains when using the bike for long rides.
  • It is quite easy to assemble.
  • The aluminum frame construction makes the bike durable and lightweight.
  • Useful to ride through all kinds of terrains with the 24 gears feature.
  • The Raleigh series w/steel rail seat and alloy micro-adjust 27.5✕350mm seat post gives you comfort and cushion while riding.
  • The bike has DDM1-alloy double-wall rims that can withstand all the massive hits.

The Bad

  • It doesn’t feature a fender for wet-weather rides.
  • The gearing system needs to be adjusted regularly. Otherwise, they will fail when you need them most.
  • No kickstand is available; you have to install it.
  • Non-adjustable handlebar system.
  • Gears made for hills.

Raleigh Cadent 2 Review in Detail

The bike riders are looking for a mixed combination of the road bike and mountain bike, which is durable, safe, stable, and, most importantly, fast. May I suggest you the Raleigh Cadent 2 fitness hybrid bike? This hybrid bike comes with a lot of exciting features and cool looks. Let’s check out the specifications of this bike.

Key Specifications

Raleigh Cadent 2

  • Frame: custom formed AL-6061 heat treated aluminum alloy tubing 700c sports fitness geometry.
  • Cranks: Suntour CXC-T208 alloy, 28/38/48/t with Guard.
  • Font derailleur: Shimano tourney TY710
  • Rear derailleur: Shimano Acera
  • Tires: VEE tires Co. tire Co. Silent 700✕35c, wire bead
  • Brake levers: Shimano 4-finger

Features of Raleigh Cadent 2 Bike

Lightweight Aluminum Frame (4.2/5)

This bike is constructed with an aluminum frame that makes it durable but also lightweight. With the custom-formed AL-6061 heat-treated aluminum alloy tubing frame, this bike boasts heavy-duty construction that can withstand all harsh conditions. Also, every bike rider can attest that a lightweight frame allows you to control as you ride the bike. 

With the lightweight frame, you can ride at high speed whenever you need to get to your destination pretty quickly. The bike’s frame is one of the most important features of a bike, impacting the bike riding experience because it determines the bike’s longevity, speed capability, and durability.

Powerful Breaking System (4.3/5)

When you are riding at high speed seamlessly through the terrains, rough roads, and hilly areas, you must need a powerful braking system that provides quick and safe stopping power. The Raleigh Cadent 2 features Tektro mechanical disc brakes, which have excellent stopping power. They provide excellent control and the inject and element of safety.

As a result, you can tackle any terrain you wish to quickly and safely. In short, with these amazingly strong, powerful mechanical disc brakes, you can ride in severe weather conditions without fearing for your life. However, it might take a few short-distance rides before the pads break in.

Tires For City/Trekking (4.3/5)

The cadent 2 has Vee tire Co. Silent 700✕35c tires (the default tire size of hybrid bikes). These 700c wheels offer stiffer rides to avoid energy waste. The stronger a bike’s tire is, the more it offers maximum support in all weather conditions. The tires of Raleigh Cadent 2 provide optimal stability and protection from bumpy effects resulting from rough biking trails. The tires have reduced rolling resistance and high load capacity. Meaning you can enjoy faster rides and better control and traction when cornering.

24-Speed Gears And Trigger Shifters (4.5/5)

Finding a bike with a wide range of gear shifting options is a difficult task. But this Raleigh Cadent 2 is impressive when it comes to the category of gears and shifters. The shifters featured in this bike come with Shimano 3✕8 speed shifters. The Shimano brand ensures the shifters are of high quality. Which offers you 24 different gear combinations. With the freedom of using different gear combinations, you can easily climb up hills and go faster on flat grounds. The Shimano EF500 EZ fire trigger shifters feel amazingly stress-free while shifting gears.

Also, the bike is constructed with the combination of the front Shimano TX800 derailleur and the rear Shimano TX800 derailleur work, which provides great support to shifters. Both derailleurs work in tandem with the shifter, which makes the movement of the bike much efficient. The shifters installed in Cadent 2 will smoothly get you to a much lower gear so that you can conquer just above any inclined roads.

Comfortable Alloy Handlebars (4.1/5)

The handlebars of the bike determine the ability of the bike to navigate through your biking trails. The Raleigh Cadent 2 hybrid bike is armed with an alloy flat handlebar with a15mm rise. The flat handlebar of the bike provides a comfortable grip angle and keeps your weight centered for better balance and stability. The relatively wide flat bar is paired with a shorter stem(at least for the short, medium, and large bike sizes.

Unique Look And Lightweight Nature (4.5/5)

The Raleigh Cadent 2 comes with quite stylish looks. The color of the bike pops, and it makes you stand out from the crowd. Also, it features a sleek, sporty design that guarantees you look good when riding.

With the addition of stylish looks, the Raleigh Cadent 2 weighs nearly 25.59 pounds. This is even lighter than many other popular hybrid bikes in the market. The lightweight nature ensures that transporting the bike and carrying it to and from storage is effortless. Along with this feature, the bike provides excellent control while riding.

Easy Assembly (4.7/5)

Putting this bike together is very easy, with just a few minimal adjustments. The Cadent 2 is partially assembled on arrival. You only need to assemble parts like wheels, the pedals, the headset and tune the shifters. The bike already comes with the tools you need. The assembly time of the bike depends upon your skills and experience with bikes. You’d probably put this together within one-two hour. For a beginner, the bike comes with a manual.

Q. Should You Buy This Bike?

Answer:- You should buy the Raleigh Cadent 2 hybrid bike if you want a speedy bike to enjoy a thrilling experience. You desire a powerful and instant braking system and to halt your bike whenever required. If you want to have a comfortable riding experience on all types of terrains.

It is a good entry-level bike for people who live in areas with a mix of hills and flat roads. It is designed for paved roads and light bike trails. This bike is built for long and short commutes and for people who want a lightweight and durable bicycle. But if you are looking for rough road capability, you might want to look elsewhere. This bike is not for you.

The Raleigh Cadent 2 is unofficially a hybrid bike for women because it is usually called a men’s bike. If you are a female cyclist, you can still use it.

Verdict of Raleigh Cadent 2 Bike

As an entry-level hybrid bike, the Raleigh Cadent 2 is worth the buy. Everything works well, although a few parts might need adjustments and fixing. The Cadent 2 merges the best elements of a road bike and hybrid bike. If you are a fitness enthusiast or you love cruising, these Raleigh Cadent 2 are worth considering.
The Raleigh Cadent 2 review shows it’s very comfortable, rides well in all kinds of terrains, is easy to assemble, and is good for the long term. The hydraulic disc brakes are great additions at this price point. And along with all these various features and quality, this bike is available at a very budget-friendly price range, making it affordable for everyone. Rather than thinking about the money, consider this as an investment. Otherwise, you will be left with all those junky bikes.

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