Regular Bike v/s Electric Bike – Differences You Need to Know

While buying a bike, people often get confused between a regular bike and new electronic bikes. It is hard to choose between these two amazing bikes because both are unique in their specification. In this article, you can understand the difference between electric bikes and regular bikes.

While going through the article, you can find out the features, advantages, and disadvantages of these two bikes and some key differences between them, which will help you buy your perfect bike, which will provide quality riding.

Regular Bike vs Electric Bike

First of all, let’s see about the regular or traditional bikes:

Regular bikes

The regular bikes are flexible bikes specially designed for fast riders to ride on smooth surfaces. These bikes are manufactured to ride on roads, so they have skinny tires and drop handlebars in their design. Road bikes are very suitable and seem perfect for various uses like long-distance traveling, fitness rides, tour rides; also, those bikes are used for races. 

But the regular bikes are lightweight and not suitable for carrying high loads, so they do not help commute or tour. Road bikes are designed with aerodynamics, so with this lightweight bike, a rider can have a fast ride with excellent energy efficiency. It will be a perfect choice for those riders who want long rides on superior surfaces.

 Features of regular bike

  • Suitable for smooth terrains.
  • Have strong frames with 29 inches slick tires.
  • Great aerodynamic design for speed
  • Tall wheels and skinny tires help to reduce friction with the road.
  • There is a single fixed-gear mechanism with a single chainring on the front and the back.

Let’s have a look at the electric bikes:

Electric bikes

An electric bike is a regular bike with an electric drive system that makes riding much more interesting and easy for a rider. This bike consists of a battery, a motor, a way to integrate the motor’s power into the drivetrain and control that power. Electric bikes might be the biggest adoption of green transportation of the decade.

Electric bikes consist of rechargeable batteries that can last long to travel up to 25 to 45 km/hr. In short electric bikes require low energy, low cost, and emission-free transportation, which also comes with physical and mental benefits. 

Riding an electric bike is not a complicated thing; it is as simple as riding your ordinary bike. By using the electric bike, you can save a lot of money with ease. The purchase might cost you slightly higher than a standard traditional bike, but the effects of an electric bike can be a money-saving thing. Also, electric bikes are relatively not so expensive to maintain.

Features of electric bikes

  • Fast and flexible
  • Improve fitness
  • Wide variety of designs
  • Nature-friendly and assisted biking

The key difference between an electric bike and a regular bike


There is no big difference between these two bikes’ maintenance and repair techniques because, as we see, electric bikes are the same as regular bikes. Both bikes are nearly the same; therefore, you can take your electric bike to the typical repair shop for repair, and it does not cost you extra. The only thing that changes the maintenance facts is if there is any problem with the electric bike’s electric component. If such a problem appears, you may need a specialist to fix this problem because those electric components are rare and hard to handle. Electric bikes are also heavier than regular bikes so if you need to carry electric bikes with your car then you may need to get the best bike rack for electric bikes.


Electric bikes are assisted with an electric component that helps while riding and impacts the bike’s speed. Electric bike motors will help you to ride up to the 25 km/hr speed. But in case you want a fast riding experience, then electric bikes are not compatible with that. In the case of speed, regular bikes are much more efficient than electric bikes, and here you will only need pure pedal power, which comes from your leg because there is no other assistance in regular bikes.

In short, for those who want fast riding or racing, regular bikes are a better option for you, but if you are not racing, then electric bikes are good for you, which offers effortless fast riding.

Riding experience:

Both bikes are amazing in riding experience. Regular cycles do not provide any assistance while riding. All you need is your own pedaling power to ride, and the speed of the bike depends on how fast you pedal. To ride a regular bike, you will need extra energy and effort.

While on the other hand, electric bikes give a much effortless and comfortable riding experience because you can adjust the motor’s pedal assistance in throttle assist electric bikes. If you change it to low assistance, your legs do the maximum work for riding, and if you set it to full power, you can cycle along with your legs more easily and ride quickly.

Pros and Cons of Regular Bikes


  • Regular bikes are quicker and lighter.
  • Great for building stamina.
  • Commuting.
  • Suitable for both Competitive and amateur riding.


  • Feels a bit less comfortable.
  • Generally more dangerous to ride.
  • Weather-dependent riding style.

Pros and Cons of Electric Bikes


  • Cheap transportation
  • Improved health
  • Tailor exercise to your needs
  • Increased range
  • Sweat free riding experience
  • Tackle obstacles for an easy ride


  • Quite heavier than a regular bike
  • Expensive initial investment
  • Heavier than conventional bicycles
  • Specialized, complex parts
  • Potentially confusing legal status

How To Find Which Bike Is Suitable For You?

The choice of a bike depends on your style, physical and mental health, and needs. If you want a bike for long-distance traveling, you should consider purchasing an electric bike to make riding much easier. Because riding an electric bike comes with additions like If you are not young or well fit or riding uphill. The additional help from the electric bike’s motor makes cycling easier without drawing extra energy and effort. This is a fantastic option if you don’t want to exhaust yourself while riding. 

But on the other hand, regular bikes are also useful for you. If you want a fast riding experience or occasionally ride in local parks and along relatively flat roads, you should go with a regular bike choice. Regular bikes have additional benefits that can be used as exercise equipment for those who are healthy. Because normal bike riding is harder and demands a great number of your efforts. 


So this is all the required information about the difference between an Electric bike vs. Regular Bike. Both types of bikes are great at their respective usage, and anyone can buy them without hesitation. Still, try to think about the purpose behind your acquisition before you make an actual decision to buy the bike. We hope you liked the insights, and if there are any doubts or questions, you can leave a comment down below. 

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