Retrospec Beaumont Review – Best City Bike for Lady?

Since the pandemic started, people have become more cautious about taking care of their health. Cycling has become more fun and a hobby for many people, and if you also want to buy one, then this Retrospec Beaumont review will help you for sure. This bicycle is a classic example of how old bicycles used to look like and why it’s fun to ride them. 

Restrospec is a famous brand which is known for producing top-quality road bikes or hybrid bikes. The cool mint color and the lightweight design make it usable for all people since you can control it without putting in any much effort. 

If you don’t want to read full review and just want to know if the good and bad of this bike then check out below.

Retrospec Beaumont City Bike 7 Speed Review

The Good

  • Classic retro design and lightweight frame.
  • Shimano’s gearing system allows you to shift the gears smoothly.
  • Already 85% pre-assembled saves lots of your time and cost. 
  • The design is suitable for every type of person.
  • Smooth and comfy saddle makes it easier to ride the bike for a longer period,
  • Kenda’s stride tires and linear-pull brakes ensure your safety.
  • The seat can be adjusted.

The Bad

  • The chain system might need extra care.
  • Installation of other parts is not explained clearly in manuals.

Retrospec Beaumont City Bike 7 Speed Review

Here are the key specifications of a Retrospec Beaumont 7 speed bike.

Retrospec Beaumont City Bike 7 Speed Review

  • Frame:- Durable steel frame
  • Speed:– 7 Shimano’s gearing system
  • Brakes:- Linear pull brakes
  • Handlebars:- Alloy city riser bars
  • Colors:- 5 
  • Tires:- 700x35c tire

Retrospec Beaumont city bike 7 speed has all the essential features you need on a road bike. The classic stylish design, cool color makes you fall in love with a unique piece of engineering. So in this article, we discussed everything in detail about this bike. 

Features of Retrospec Beaumont Lady’s City Bike

<strong>Diamond Steel Frame</strong> (4.0/5)

The most important aspect of the Retrospec Beaumont city bike is its lightweight hand-built step-thru frame, which is quite easy to operate. The way it’s designed is an indication that the company wants to target every type of customer. A super classic sports design makes it more likable, and whether it’s day or night, you can get the attention of the people around instantly with the black, graphite, or any other type of color you choose to go with. 

The company here decided to use the traditional sports bicycle design, which you can take when riding through a city without being overweight. 

Shimano’s 7 Speed Drivetrain (4.5/5)

Retrospec Beaumont does not disappoint you with speed as well. The company knew people would use it for exercise or casual cycling, and they decided to equip Shimano’s seven-speed gearing system. The RevoShift twist shifters help you change the speed while going through soft to hard pavements. 

Shimano’s Revoshift is quite famous for its durable quality of providing instant gear shifting mechanism, and you won’t be disappointed with its quality for sure. However, make sure you get frequently checked, especially if you’re a beginner. Usually, people get confused with the complex gearing system, and it’s useful. However, you won’t have any issues like those with this bike, so just change gears and get a joyful ride. In case, if you are a fixie bike fan then you can check out Retrospec Harper Review which is the perfect fixed gear bike.

People who like to drive around on their bicycles and like to visit unexplored areas, which can be rough at times, prefer 18-speed bikes. To serve the explorers’ desires, huffy nighthawk is equipped with 18 speeds, which means there are in total 18 gears to choose from. It offers a speed boost in 18 variants, which adds to the bike’s performance and speaks for the strong constructed structure of the bike.

Linear Pull Brakes (4.2/5)

One of the best things about using hybrid bikes is that most of these bikes are made with linear-pull brakes. Retrospec Beaumont has linear-pull brakes on both the front and rear wheels. The quality is quite good considering the amount you’re spending on this bike. Linear pull brakes are easy to use, and its combination with Kenda 700x35C tires becomes a magical combination.

Whether you are riding the bike on smooth pavements or hard ones, it doesn’t matter much. The brakes are quite responsive and ensure your safety. Riding the city bike is full of joy, and whether going to the office or school, safety is ensured without any doubt. 

Kenda 700x35C Tires (4.5/5)

As cyclists, we have a habit of riding the bike at the fullest speed, and sometimes fatal things can happen if the bike doesn’t respond quickly in such situations. Considering all such demands, the company decided to use powerful Kenda tires, which offer all the security types that we need while cycling. The gripping was quite powerful, and we got a positive response from those customers who have been using this bike for a long time.

The majority of the people said they are quite satisfied with the quality of the tires. They haven’t; faced any issues with them. Kenda tires are powerful enough to accelerate the bike’s speed on soft pavements and protect the riders on not so good paths. Usually, people forget the most important aspect of any bike, but here the company uses durable quality tires, which will save you money in maintenance. 

Retro Design (4.0/5)

The design is quite like riding a bicycle in 1960s Hollywood movies. You will feel quite overwhelmed with this retro design of the bike, where everything becomes quite smoother. It’s easier to use and lets you do some customization as well. You can add the additional basket if you’re going to use it for school or grocery shopping.

This bike’s design is made so that no matter what your age is, you will look good riding it. Whether you’re wearing casual pants or shorts, it’s all great when you have such a loving bicycle. There are various options available for choosing picky persons in terms of sizes, color, etc., so don’t hesitate to choose the product. 

Extra Components (4.4/5)

The handlebars are quite good as compared to the prices which we are paying. Handlebars are placed slightly upper, but it also improves the sitting position. There are very few bikes which would look like this and offer you some ergonomic design.

Other components include a red rear reflector, a vintage bell, which reminds you of childhood when you used to ride to press them for the sake of fun only. The last but least kickstand offered in this bike is strong and gives you a chance to place the bike on the side of the road. 

Things Which Can Be Improved in Retrospec Beaumont

The Frame

The durable steel which is used by the company is quite good, but if they had chosen a lighter version of it, then it would have been easier for kids. Since small kids won’t find it useful, it can still be improved from our perspective. If you are an adult, then you will not face any problem while handling the bike.


This bike is the perfect example of a hybrid bike that is good only for soft pavements. You are getting seven-speed options, but that’s not enough when you want to go for longer rides. Usually, you will have to rely on multiple speed options, and since there aren’t many diverse seed options, you cannot take it for mountain racing where the roads might not be that great. 


Who Can Use Retrospec Beaumont?

This bike is for everyone who likes daily commuting on a bicycle or improving their fitness by cycling an extra mile per day. If your expectations aren’ṣt higher and you want to use them for basic tasks, then this bike is made for you.

Is Retrospec Beaumont Worth Of Money?

Yes, every penny you spend on it will give you a comfortable city ride with this retro-looking bicycle, which the company has beautifully made. The price is not that much compared to the other products; this bicycle is the best in many aspects. D

Does Assembly Take Lots of Time?

It depends upon the skills you have to read and interpret things written in the official’s manual guide. The company has given this product already 85% pre-assembled, so it means you have too little effort to finish up the tasks, which isn’t that hard.

Conclusion of Retrospec Beaumont Review

So this is the ultimate Retrospec Beaumont review, which you must have liked. We covered every detail aspect of this fantastic retro-styled city bike in depth. Even though some things we think the company should improve, this bike is still top-notch. The buying decision would be a subjective matter and carefully do it when you feel this bike will be quite useful for you.

Many people’s decision is affected by the purpose of buying a bicycle. Here if you are looking for a cost-effective and straightforward hybrid bike, then you shouldn’t miss this one. It has all the essential features, and it won’t disappoint at all.

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