Retrospec Harper Review – Best Fixie Bike to Buy?

For decades, environmentalists have been trying to influence people to switch to a more environmentally friendly mode of transport to better Earth. And what can be better than bikes? It does not emit harmful gases and is easy to maintain. The cost of the bikes is tremendously low when compared to cars or other fossil fuel-operated vehicles.

For this purpose, Retrospec bikes have manufactured a range of fixed gear bikes that can be afforded by people and can be used by both professionals and beginners.  Single-speed bikes or fixed bikes are the best options if the purpose is an intracity commute. This Retrospec Harper review will provide the readers with the necessary details.

Notice: This bike is currently not available to buy but if you are looking for one of the best-fixed gear bikes then you must check out 6KU Fixie Urban Track Bike Review because it is affordable and a great fixie bike of recent times.

Retrospec Harper Single Speed Fixed- Gear Bike Review


Retrospec Harper Review

Sub Title

  • Frame: Hand-built steel track frame
  • Brakes: Front & Rear Promax Brakes with 22.2mm brake lever clamp diameter
  • Speeds: Single-speed/ Fixed-Gear
  • Tires: Kenda City Tires 700x28C
  • Grips: Kraton Rubber Track Grips

Features of Retrospec Harper Bike

Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear bike is one of the most affordable fixed gear bikes that can shift to single speed. The materials used to make the bike are the finest, and the entire frame is made of steel, which makes the bike durable. Further, this post will discuss some of the features of the bike in detail below:

Body of the Bike (4.0/5)

The body of the bike is made up of steel. Steel is known to be one of the strongest metals and thus, adds durability to the retrospect harper single speed, fixed gear bike. Other materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber are lighter than steel but would easily get damaged if met with adversity. Moreover, aluminum is stiffer than steel; it will provide a harsher ride.

Steel frames are best if the purpose is to commute within the city’s bounds as the person would be able to sustain the pressure of ongoing traffic. It has been observed that an aluminum frame can weigh as much as the steel frame as the manufacture to add strength to the product adds extra diameter to the cylindrical frame.

Fixed Gear (4.5/5)

The upcoming generation is obsessed with shifting gears, which allow them to change speed according to their preference. But the bikes with fixed gear are best for the intracity commute. This bike is equipped with fixed gear, which means that there is a single gear attached to the bike that can be changed under no condition. Some of the fixed bikes have breaks, and some of them do not.

But in most countries, having a brake has been made mandatory. In a fixed bike, the wheel continues to spin as long as the person peddles. In case of no brakes, the rider can stop the bike by restricting the peddle’s movement. Single-speed bikes are easier to maintain and comprehend by the riders.

The gear system can be complicated, and some might not grasp the proper working of it. With single-speed bikes, the rider would not have to go through the arduous learning process to shift the gears. You can also take a look at Pure Fix Original Fixed Bike Review if you are obsessed with fixed gear bikes.

Built (4.2/5)

The sleek design of the bike makes it more appealing to the eyes, and the hand-built, tig-welded, high-tensile strength steel adds extra lives to the bike and efficiently absorbs the bumps of the road to make the ride as smooth as possible for the rider.

Options (4.5/5)

The bike has a rear hub, allowing the rider to either single-speed or fixed gear mode—an option not provided by most bikes.

Cost (4.0/5)

Compared to the other fixed bikes in the market, the Retropec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear is affordable.

Colors (4.4/5)

The company has manufactured the bike in various colors, which is not provided by any other similar company. The company tries to cater to maximum people’s needs and recognizes that all of them do not have a similar preference. Thus, the various color options make it more appealing to the people.

Brakes (4.4/5)

Brakes are one of the most important components of a bike, and caliper brakes are the finest of all. This falls in the category of disc brakes and has a sleek design. It is quite easy to install. Moreover, the dual-pivot design stops the vehicle quite efficiently. These brakes are easier to maintain, are lighter than most, and the brakes’ cost is low, which makes them ideal for the riders.

You can check out the video review of this bike from here.

What We Liked About This Bike

The advantages are as follows:

  • The frame of the bike is manufactured with the strongest material, steel. This provides the bike with long years and makes the bike sturdy.
  • One of the most enticing parts is the range of colors provided by the company. The paint finishing is glossy and attractive. The paint also protects the vehicle from rust and other harsh environmental condition.
  • The price has always been a game-changer for most people. People would want the same qualities of a professional bike at a much lower cost. This bike made by Retrospec is one of the lowest of its range while maintaining the same quality as a professional bike.
  • The bike offers the rider an option of choosing between single speed to fixed gear mode.
  • The bike can be easily assembled within fifteen minutes, faster than other bikes with complicated parts.
  • Due to its single speed or fixed gear mode and steel body; it is easier to maintain.
  • The rims of the bike are made so that a thicker tire can be fitted to it if that is the customer’s preference. Hence, quite recently, the company has been offering a 28 c whose width is larger than the ordinary ones and which can absorb the bumps on the road.
  • Caliper brakes are attached to the bike, which is not only easy to maintain, but it is lightweight, can be easily assembled, provides the best performance, and the cost is low.

What We Didn’t Like About This Bike

Every product has both advantages and disadvantages.  The disadvantages of the Retrospec bike are as follows:

  • The bike’s frame is made up of solid steel, which makes the entire vehicle heavy. In recent times, people are shifting to lighter materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. Especially the bikes which are used for following long rough terrains.
  • The steel frame of the bike also increases the mass bicycle. Steel, even though it adds durability, is a heavy metal, and maneuvering the heavyweight is not easy. For this purpose, aluminum alloy is considered to be a more prominent option.
  • It has been reported by some people that the saddle is uncomfortable.
  • The Retrospec Harper comes with a chainguard but without mounts to attach it.

Conclusion of Retrospec Harper Review

This Retrospec Harper review article describes all the features present in explicit details not to face any problem while choosing a bike for themselves. The bike is made of the strongest metal, which provides durability; the glossy paint protects the bike from rust, the brakes provided are one of the finest and provide the best performance.

The most important factor of the bike is, it provides all the facilities that a professional bike would provide but at a lower cost. There are certain features such as the saddle which can be improved. But overall, if someone wants to invest in a bike, Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear is the best option.

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