Road Bike Stem Length Calculator – The Easiest Way to Calculate Bike Stem Length

One of the best things about using a bike is that it helps you keep in shape and make you healthier. The stem is the component that enables you to connect the handlebar to the suspension fork and steering wheel. Selecting the stem is quite a subjective thing which many people choose depending upon their requirements. Owning a bike that ultimately fits according to your size and shape gives you immense satisfaction.

The selection of stem length depends on many factors like a person’s height, body weight, and type of bike they are using. There is no scientifically proven stem length that everyone should use. In this guide, we decided to give you a closer look at how you can select a stem for your bike and even help you calculate the stem length.

Road Bike Stem Length Calculator

How To Measure Bike Stem length

Selecting a perfect stem for your bike is essential because this little component is the backbone of your bicycle. It helps to destabilize the steering and makes a sufficient connection between handlebars. The way you reach towards your handle affects your body position also. You can make your body more relaxed by selecting a perfect sized stem for the bike. 

There are only two things which you need to give the most importance and those stem length and stem angle. Usually, people don’t give much importance to the stem size, but very few know that the whole mechanism depends. 

Choosing The Correct Stem Length

One of the most challenging things to do is measure what type of stem length your bike needs when using it. If you are a casual bike rider, you will have to choose according to its seating position when you’re riding the bicycle through a soft pavement. On the other hand, heavy riders like to select the stem length based on the size of pressure it can handle when going through challenging terrain. 

If you want speed and more comfortable handling of the bike, you will have to go with the shier stem length. These are perfectly made for accelerating the speed of the bike you’re riding on. The shorter stem length is a favorite of road bikers because they make it easier for them to handle the overall bike when going through soft terrain.

The longer stem length, on the other hand, will force your body to incline forward. It will automatically shift the weight towards the front wheel of the bike. You will be more responsible for handling the weight of the bike. However, we have observed that in longer stem length bikes, the riders experience better responsiveness when going through challenging terrain. Also, it helps you to steer when going through some tricky corner side of the roads.

According to experts, people should go with the longer stem length because they can help you shift the extra weight on the front wheel giving you more chance to control the whole bike. Stabilizing the speed and maintaining it through different terrain types is what everyone needs in a perfect bike. Longer stems offer you more speed, stability, and control which you will not get much in smaller stems.

However, if you want to ride a bike in the most comfortable position, you will have to build the bike using a small stem. Since it will make you closer to the saddle and gives you an experience of what comfortable biking feels like. 

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What’s The Ideal Stem Length Size

Stems between 100-120MM sizes are known as the long stems, and anything which is below will be called short stems. If you want a short stem, then its size should not go above 90MM, and it must fit according to the size, frame, and handle of your bike. Measuring the stem size is not a rocket size, and you can also watch some tutorials on how to measure the stem length to get a clearer picture of it. 

Choosing The Correct Stem Angle/Rise

Stem rise or angle is nothing but the rise in between handlebar and the stem of your bike. The choice of the stem rise depends upon the person’s judgment. People who like upright seating positions will go with the higher stem rise. On the other hand, those who want to keep the bike lower to the ground will build the bike with a down stem. 

Everything here choosing about the stem angle/rise is about the personal judgment of the rider. You will have to select the right size to give you the most comfortable seating position and enjoy the overall ride. 

What Size Bike Stem Do I Need?

If you are a casual rider, then the stem length of below 100MM, and the stem rise of around 6-7 degrees gives you a more comfortable riding position.

However, if you are a person who likes to ride the bike daily and use a city bike, then the one thing which you need to have is the stem rise of around 6-7 degrees and the stem length which will suit according to the bike frame size, weight capacity and other factors.

The range of stem is between -10 to 17 degrees, and a rider should choose accordingly. The positive stem gives you an upright or rising position, whereas the negative stem increases the bike’s aggressiveness. 

What’s The Cost Of Stems In The Market?

That depends upon the type you want for your bike. After researching a bit about the stem prizes, we found out that stem can cost between $35 to $300 or even more. So if you have a reasonable budget to spend the money on the most critical aspect of the bike, you have plenty of options. 

The performance stem would cost a little bit higher, around $100 or even above. The stem is the component that is made up of steel, aluminium, and carbon fibre giving your bike more strength and a robust performance overall.  If you are going to buy a steel stem, it would cost you cheaper than aluminum or carbon fibre.

Many people who like to own mountain bikes will have to be more careful about choosing the stem because you will have to choose the type which will ultimately suit the overall bike. 

Road Bike Handlebar Height Calculator

We are sorry to burst your bubble of curiosity, but there are no exact means to determine the stem’s length online. You will have to do it by yourself by making some additions and deductions. Measure the tip of the saddle to the center of the handlebar, and you will get the idea of it altogether. 

It would help if you didn’t forget to measure the drop from the saddle to the handlebar. This measurement will give you an idea about the drop’s length and how much you can adjust it accordingly. 

The online calculators you will stumble on do not give you exact details of the measurement, and it should be done with the help of the expert if you don’t know anything about the stem rising or length. People usually make silly mistakes while measuring the distance, and it makes an overall impact on the design and functionality of the bike overall.


So these are some of the best ways to measure the stem length and the stem size. As mentioned above, choosing the right type of stem and size is quite important, and it would depend upon various factors. If you cannot make the right decision, then what you have to do is get help from a professional biker or anyone who knows the stem’s measuring requirements.

While choosing the stem don’t worry about the money you are going to spend, since selecting the quality product will cost you a little bit higher money but ultimately it’s going to be worth every penny you spent on it. 

In the end, the ideal length of the stem depends upon the body’s biomechanics and how this little component is going to handle the bike. Still, if you have any doubts or questions even after reading the detailed guide, you can leave a comment down below, we will be glad to help you out. 

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