Road Bike vs Mountain Bike – What Type of Bike Should You Get?

As human beings, we are quite a difficult type of person because when we have fewer options, making a decision is higher. On the other hand, when you are given tons of options, your mind gets quite confused. The main thing happens when you stumble upon the road bike vs mountain bike topic. People interested in buying a bicycle must have come across this discussion, and they get quite confused about choosing a bike for them. 

When we saw so many people struggling to know the main difference between a mountain bike and a road bike, we decided to articulate everything in detail, resolving every person’s query. 

Road Bike vs Mountain Bike

Road Bike Vs Mountain Bike

The mountain bike (MTB) is quite famous for its usage on the hardtail and heavy terrain. People usually use these bikes when they want to go on mountain climbing roads with their buddies. It gives you an extra grip, and this bike’s frame is quite a strider than usual ones.

Road bike, on the other hand, is the ultimate definition of casual riding. When you want to use a bicycle for a simple purpose like city riding, grocery shopping, then the road bikes are the best for this purpose. The structure of road bikes is simple and does not involve any complex wiring system. 

In order to decide which bike is the best for you, this decision should be made based on its features and your preferences, so get to know them in detail. 

Mountain Bikes 

A mountain bike is made so that you can use them on both hard and soft terrain. The bike’s frame and the gearing mechanism, which offers more than enough speed options, give you enough strength to become faster. The tire quality in mountain bikes is what gets everyone fascinated because they are usually of substantial quality. 26/27.5″ or even higher quality of sturdy tires are used in this bike.

The gearing system, which offers multiple speed options along with the perfect suspension system, gives you an extra edge over your competitor. If you plan to use a bike for hard usage and heavy cycling, then MTB bikes are the best for you. Many cyclists prefer riding the bike at the highest speed, and those bikes are the best. 

Mountain bikes are common types of bicycles among the buyers, and many companies nowadays are focusing on building the best mountain bikes. You can ride them during any weather conditions and on any type of terrain. It would be fair to say that MTB bikes are the best innovation of this century. Mountain bikes might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they are quite friendly to use when you want a bike for the long term. 


  • Suitable for long term usage and gives you durability.
  • It ensures your safety irrespective of the terrain you’re riding the bike on.
  • The safest quality of tires means your health is protected during hard times. 
  • Overall it gives you a smooth ride experience.
  • The suspension system helps you to overcome the most challenging terrain.
  • Multiple gearing system helps you to change the speed.


  • It’s a relatively heavier bike than a road bike.
  • The cost of mountain bikes is usually higher than road bikes.

Road Bike

When you don’t want to indulge in hard cycling and want to enjoy it, you should go with the road bike. Road bikes are made with the superior yet simple quality of materials. They are relatively lightweight and easy to operate. You don’t have to worry about the mechanism of these bikes because they are fun to ride.

Even though many people didn’t care much about the gearing mechanism, nowadays, people are quite interested in buying a road bike that offers various gearing options. The tire quality is relatively smooth, and they offer you an accelerated speed on the smooth pavements. 

These bikes are smooth to ride on and don’t give you much headache while maintaining them. You can use them when you want to go to the office or neighborhood riding with your bunch of friends at night. Fitness becomes a crucial point for many people who use road bikes because these are the best-operating tools when you want to burn lots of extra calories from your body. If you are a road bike person then you must check out the Cannondale Topstone Carbon Review which is one of the best road bikes.


  • It offers more speed than a mountain bike.
  • They are easy to operate.
  • It can be used on smooth pavements far better.
  • The lightweight design makes it usable for anyone.
  • The simple design becomes an attractive point.


  • Usually, a lack of a suspension system might create multiple problems.
  • Only paved roads are suitable for these bikes.
  • Lack of other premium features.

What Type Of Bike You Should Choose?

Since choosing a bike is up to you, as mentioned above, the usage of both these bikes is quite different, you will have to choose the right one. However, considering the following points, you can select the right bike for you. 


If you are going to use a bike for heavy or enjoyable cycling, mountain bikes are suitable. It gives more durability and helps you to operate for more extended periods than general bikes. 

However, if you plan to use a bike for casual cycling, then the road bikes are the best. They are easy to ride and do not involve any type of knowledge or experience in cycling. People who are starting their cycling journey should begin with a road bike since it would be easier for them to learn everything about cycling.


The most crucial factor in deciding which type of bike you will need to buy is the cost. People usually underestimate the cost, but when you choose between a road bike vs. a mountain bike, you should go with the one that ultimately suits your budget. Mountain bikes are relatively expensive since they come with premium quality materials and components. However, you can still get a budget mountain bike if you really wanna go with a mountain bike.

On the other hand, road bikes are relatively affordable and cheap to buy because of the cheap manufacturing cost. If you’re price sensitive, then road bikes are suitable for you, but MTB bikes are the best without any doubt for long-term usage. 


If you want to enjoy the hardtail mountain bike, it’s suitable for both the hard and soft terrain. However, road bikes are preferably used for only smooth terrain. You can get the accelerated speed on road bikes, but MTB bike gear shifters offer a more diverse range of speeds.


Mountain bikes are slightly overweight compared to road bikes. The reason is also quite certain because a company uses different materials, making it more weighing than the road bikes. Road bikes are relatively simple, and lightweight frame materials are the main reason behind it. 

Can I Ride A Mountain Bike On The Road

YES. The suspension system in MTB bikes, along with the gearing mechanism, helps you change the speed and control it while riding it on normal roads. People usually have a misunderstanding that they can ride it on the hardtail only. But, MTB bikes are quite fun to ride on the regular road also. However, you will be required to pedal more and get ready to put a little more effort while using MTB bikes on the road.

People have been using MTB bikes for casual riding for a long time. Modern companies are making hybrid bikes, which are a combination of mountain and road bikes. So people are using them for a diverse range without any issues. 

How Much Harder Is It To Ride A Mountain Bike Than A Road Bike?

Relatively mountain bikes are more rigid and require more effort to ride when you are going through challenging terrains. Road bikes are best suitable for smooth terrain and will not create more problems, and require relatively less effort from your side. Still, when you are trying to go for longer rides, MTB bikes are suitable. 


So this is necessary yet quite exciting information about mountain vs. road bikes, and we hope you must have got something new to learn. Choosing the right type of bike is quite tricky, especially when selecting it from lots of options. People usually become quite confused when they are asked to select a bicycle. MTB and road bikes, even though they have their advantages and disadvantages, you should decide to buy based on your requirements. 

If you have any more doubts and some questions to ask, leave a comment below. We will be glad to help you out if you’re in a real dilemma of choosing the right bike. 

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