5 Best Roadmaster Bike Reviews

Roadmaster Bike Reviews

There are very few bicycle manufacturing companies that meet up to customer expectations regarding quality, price, and all other things. Roadmaster is a company that, for the last 84 years, has produced durable and inexpensive bikes. Many options sometimes can confuse you; hence we decided to do roadmaster bike reviews, which will help those customers who want to buy the best bikes. Very few companies target those customers who have less budget and want essential qualities, but roadmasters have been targeting these types of buyers for a long time.

People usually have lots of expectations for a bike, but they don’t want to spend tons of money. Roadmaster bikes are meant for all these types of people, and if you are also facing the same dilemma, then don’t worry. In this article, we decided to pick the best roadmaster mountain bikes and reviewed them thoroughly. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the detailed review of each bike. 

Reviews of 10 Best Roadmaster Bikes

<strong><strong>Roadmaster - Granite Peak</strong></strong>10

Roadmaster – Granite Peak26″

  • Brand:- Roadmaster
  • Type:- Mountain bike
  • Tures:- 26″ snobby tires
  • Brake:- linear-pull brake
  • Color options:- 3 options
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<strong><strong>Roadmaster Granite Peak Women's Bike</strong></strong>9.5

Roadmaster Granite Peak Women’s Bike26″

  • Type:- Girl’s Mountain Bike
  • Tires:- 26″ strong tires
  • Speed:- 18 options
  • Brake:- Front and rear pull brake system.
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<strong><strong>Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys Mountain Bike</strong></strong>9.5

Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys Mountain Bike24″

  • Type:- Boys Mountain Bike 
  • Brake:- Linear pull brake
  • Tires:- 24″ robust tire
  • Frame:- Steel mountain frame
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<strong><strong>Roadmaster - Granite Peak Girls Mountain Bike</strong></strong>9.3

Roadmaster – Granite Peak Girls Mountain Bike24″

  • Frame:- robust and durable steel frame
  • Brake:- Linear pull brakes
  • Tires:- 24″ strong tires
  • Speed:- 18 options
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<strong><strong>Roadmaster Granite Peak Girls' Bike</strong></strong>9.5

Roadmaster Granite Peak Girls’ Bike24″

  • Frame:- Mountain style steel frame
  • Tires:- Knobby tires
  • Speed:- 18-speed options
  • Type:- Mountain Bike
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Roadmaster Mountain Bikes Review

Picking up the best products is quite tricky when there are tons of options you have, yet after researching and testing, we decided to go with the top 5 mountain bikes and reviewed them. 

Roadmaster – 26″ Granite Peak

Top Pick
Roadmaster 26" Granite Peak

The Best Roadmaster Bike

This bike is the ultimate definition of all on one mountain bike. The Roadmaster granite peak 26″ review was majorly focused on its unique design and the company’s vital components while building this fantastic bike

You don’t have to worry about its usability because this mountain bike designed specifically for men, can be used on any terrain smoothly. The durable and robust steel frame will make you fall in love with this bike. 

Roadmaster granite peak 26″ men’s mountain bike review tells us that the riders will feel relatively safe because of the company’s strong and wide tires. Along with Shimano’s braking system, these tires are enough to control the bike while riding through various bumpy roads. People who have used this bike have given quite positive reviews since they are relatively cheap and affordable. 

Key Features

Durable Frame

Roadmaster is a company that knows how to create robust mountain bikes, and this one also provides you the same benefits. A strong steel frame is used while making this product, and it will protect you during any terrain. The steel handle is placed correctly and can be used by the rider when going through bumpy roads for full control of the bike. Very few mountain bikes come with such a type of strong frame that too at a low price.

Best Suspension Fork System

When you are getting a steel frame and the best front suspension fork, it means this product is a must one for all-mountain bikers who love adventure rides. The front suspension fork used by the company here will help you to go through bumpy, rocky, wet roads quite quickly. There are very few mountain bikes that provide the front suspension fork of this quality. 

Perfect brake System With Strong Tires

Roadmaster used a front and rear linear-pull brake system, which is quite useful because strong 26″ tires are also there to stop the bike. Every serious mountain rider will prefer a mountain bike with an effective braking system since it will protect you from serious injury.

18 Speed Options

When you get 18-speed options, no one can stop you from riding the bike at full speed, even on the most challenging terrains. You can change the change gear immediately because twist shifters used by the company here offer smooth-shifting on any terrain. 

You can also check out this video review of Roadmaster – 26″ Granite Peak.


  • Alloy wheels and a strong frame offer excellent durability.
  • Seat adjustments work efficiently.
  • Padded seats and handlebars provide a firm grip. 
  • Available in various colors.


  • On arrival, assembly is required.
  • Relatively a little bit heavier.

Roadmaster 26” Granite Peak Women’s Bike

Roadmaster 26" Granite Peak Womens Bike

  • Type:- Girl’s Mountain Bike
  • Tires:- 26″ strong tires
  • Speed:- 18 options
  • Brake:- Front and rear pull brake system.

Roadmaster knows how to target the customers correctly, and they have made a strong mountain bike, especially for women bicycle enthusiasts. Roadmaster granite peak women’s bike review shows that it’s made for all those women who love outdoor activities and enjoy cycling. 26″ strong tires ensure your safety in various weather conditions and different types of terrains. 

Very few women’s mountain bikes come with a front suspension fork, and this one is one of those exceptional bikes. The Suspension fork absorbs the shocks which riders usually face while going through bumpy roads. The design might be a little bit traditional, and some women might fight it too classy. Roadmaster tried to make it the most classic mountain bike you will ever see, and to some extent, they achieved this target.

Eighteen-speed shifters provide the required acceleration when you are riding this bike through smooth pavements. The gear system is quite good and offers different options for people who love riding bikes at fast speeds. One thing which every girl would like to have in a bike is a simple design with the required features. The company’s hand brakes are relatively easy to use and stop the bike with minimal effort.

Key Features

Wonderful Suspension System

When it comes to safety, roadmaster bikes are the best considering the quality of suspension fork they use while building mountain bikes. This bike also comes with a great front suspension fork, which will absorb all the shocks you will receive on bumpy roads. They work flawlessly and don’t require any type of additional changes. Women can take this bike to any place and don’t have to worry about safety. 

Steel Mountain Frame 

A bike’s durability opened upon the quality of components used by the company to make it. Roadmaster 26″ women’s granite mountain bike is built with a steel frame which makes it usable in any condition. The quality of the steel frame that roadmasters have used is top-notch, and you will not find it even in branded mountain bikes.

Braking System

A mountain bike with a strong braking system means you are going to be safe in any condition. This bike comes with front and rear pull brakes; you can stop the bike with an instant effort and don’t have to worry about your safety. Considering the customer’s base, the company used simple pull brakes, which are quite easy to use and instantly stop. 

18 Speed Twisters

You don’t have to worry about the speed because this bike comes with an 18-speed twister that will instantly change the bike’s speed. The gearing system is quite outstanding on this bike and does not disappoint you at all. Shifting gears requires the least effort and accelerates the speed instantly. Designed especially for women, it makes it easier for them to change the bike’s speed.

Easy To Control

A lightweight steel frame makes this bike easy to control while going through different types of terrains. Girls can control this bike because of its lightweight very easily. This is the primary reason why you would see so many girls using this bike instead of other mountain bikes. 


  • Eighteen-speed options work flawlessly.
  • Lightweight design helps to control.
  • It requires the least amount of maintenance costs. 


  • It requires assembly from your side. 

24″ Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys Mountain Bike

24" Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys Mountain Bike

  • Type:- Boys Mountain Bike 
  • Brake:- Linear pull brake
  • Tires:- 24″ robust tire
  • Frame:- Steel mountain frame

A boy who likes to enjoy mountain cycling will prefer that bike that looks classy and offers excellent features. Roadmaster granite peak boys’ mountain bike reviews tell us this bike is equipped with all the premium components taking your cycling experience to the next level. The durable steel frame used while making it helps you to enjoy cycling in any weather conditions. 

The braking system is surprisingly good and suits all types of conditions. People usually forget one key aspect of any mountain bike that’s a robust safety mechanism. Here 24″ strong tires and a linear-pull braking system help you control the control on bumpy, wet roads easily. The grip is quite outstanding and justifies the price you pay for it. 

Alloy wheels fit according to the overall design of this bike, which makes it more attractive. Any boy would feel proud to own this type of stylish mountain bike, and it’s worth every penny you spent on it. 

Key Features

Suspension Fork 

Roadmaster decided to use the best quality front suspension fork in this mountain bike. When you are riding through different bumpy and rocky roads, the one thing which you would care about the most is your safety. The suspension fork absorbs all shocks and makes your journey more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Steel Frame Offers Durability

The strong steel frame used to build this mountain bike is quite outstanding and does not disappoint you in any case. You will be able to control the bike fully even during riding through the most challenging terrains also. A strong steel frame offers the required durability, and it also saves lots of maintenance costs. 

Gearing System

The trusted Shimano’s 18 gearing options help you to change the speed quickly with minimal effort. When You are riding through different types of terrains, it requires speed accordingly. You can change the speed of the bike without any issues, and the twisters make it easier. 

Great Comfort

The gripping power which 24″ tires provide is sufficient enough for you to enjoy the ride comfortably. The padded seat and handlebar help you to control the bike during different types of terrains easily. 


  • a strong 3-piece mountain crank provides durability.
  • 18-speed twisted works without any issues.
  • Suitable for teenage boys. 
  • The front suspension fork offers a smooth ride. 


  • Seating requires some adjustments. 

Roadmaster – 24″ Granite Peak Girls Mountain Bike

Roadmaster - 24" Granite Peak Girls Mountain Bike

  • Frame:- robust and durable steel frame
  • Brake:- Linear pull brakes
  • Tires:- 24″ strong tires
  • Speed:- 18 options

This bike is the beta version of roadmaster 26″ granite peak girl’s mountain bike, and it’s suitable for every girl who wants to own a mountain bike for a fun and adventurous cycling experience. A simple yet effective design makes this bike the most demanding one among the girls, and after doing roadmaster granite peak girls’ mountain bike reviews, we also agree with it. 

Mountain cycling is quite fun and also dangerous if your cycle is not equipped with the required components. This bike offers 18-speed twisters, which girls can change effectively with simple efforts. Along with such an excellent gearing system, you are getting a robust front suspension fork to absorb all the shocks while going through rocky roads. You can rely upon this mechanism, and relatively it’s quite easy to use.

Another essential aspect that many girls like is the design; the purple color and the durable frame make this bike more likable. It’s super easy to use, and one can also take this bike for casual riding on smooth pavements.

Key Features

More Speed Option

You are getting 18-speed changing options in this mountain bike, which are sufficient enough considering you are going to use this bike for fun riding. The company made it easy to use by adding gearing twisters that work flawlessly when you change the speed and helps you to enjoy the cycling experience more comfortable. 

Front Suspension Ensures Safety

Very few mountain bikes offer a front suspension fork, which works without any issues and effort from the rider’s side. You can enjoy cycling going through even rocky or bumpy roads and will not feel anything because of the front suspension. Usually, people don’t value simple things, but having a strong suspension fork ensures your safety. 

A Great Design

Steel frames used by the company increase the durability of the cycle. When you don’t want to spend money on the maintenance cost, you should go with that type of bike, using vital components. A strong handle and a perfect purple color are sufficient for any girl to buy this mountain bike immediately.

Overall Performance

Linnear front and rear pull brakes can stop the bike instantly without putting too much pressure. The cushioned seat and paddle are perfectly placed and adds more fun to the overall riding experience. The overall performance is quite satisfying, considering the money you are going to spend on it.


  • Relatively it has a lightweight design.
  • Suspension forks absorb all the shocks.
  • Strong tires and a braking system ensure your safety.


  • It requires additional adjustments for better use. 

Roadmaster 24″ Granite Peak Girls’ Bike

Roadmaster 24 Granite Peak Girls Bike

  • Frame:- Mountain style steel frame
  • Tires:- Knobby tires
  • Speed:- 18-speed options
  • Type:- Mountain Bike

Very few mountain bikes are made for girls, which comes with essential features that buyers want. Roadmaster 24″ girls granite peak reviews show that this bike comes with a mountain style steel frame which is relatively lightweight and easy to use for a girl. The company decided to make this mountain bike with durable and lightweight components making it far easy to carry. 

You can rely upon the rear and front hand brakes used in this bike and can stop it instantly. Many buyers have given positive feedback saying this bike is excellent for girls looking to use it for the long term. Usually, companies charge lots of money for durable components, but that’s not the case with Roadmaster. This bike is relatively cheap and provides tons of features that any customer wants from a mountain bike. 

Key Features

Shimano’s Gearing System

Roadmaster used Shimano’s famous rear derailleurs that come with 18-speed twisters, which work flawlessly. When you change the speed, just use this gearing system and enjoy the overall speeding experience while going through different terrains. Shimano’s trusted brand offers lots of durabilities, and it won’t require much maintenance.

24″ Strong Tires 

One of the best things about any type of mountain bike is that the tires used in these bikes are quite strong. 24″ sturdy tires can be used without issues on bumpy or rocky roads by girls, ensuring their safety. 

Attractive Design

The strong components used in the most stylish bike is how we would like to describe Roadmaster’s granite peak 24″ girls bike. White color framed along with black makes it attractive enough for any girl to buy it instantly. Since those who don’t want to pay attention when they are riding such unique mountain bikes,

Overall Performance

Knobby mountain-style tires are quite sturdy and provide essential safety while going through challenging terrain. The majority of the parents gifted this mountain bike after considering the protection it provides. Handlebars are perfectly placed and require the least adjustment while using it. Considering the price you are paying, it’s a good option, especially when you want to give it to your daughter as a birthday present.


  • Mountain style 24″ tires provide a firm grip.
  • Shimano’s gearing system with twisters works flawlessly.
  • Strong quality of Alloy rims and wheels used. 


  • Not suitable for long-period rides.

Buying Guide of Best Roadmaster Bikes

Sometimes people make decisions based upon their feelings and without reasoning. However, it wouldn’t help you while picking the best mountain bikes, too, when the brand is Roadmaster. So here we decided to help you by writing an unbiased buying guide which will help you choose the bicycle according to your needs.


The kind of mountain bike is the ultimate key factor before making an actual buying decision. So when you are going to pick the best roadmaster mountain bike, consider the type that you want. Mountain bikes come with different options for men, boys, girls, etc., and choosing the right type will save lots of money and provide the required essential features also.


The simple yet most crucial buying factor in choosing the roadmaster bike is your budget. You will have first to determine what’s budget of yours and then go with the product accordingly. Even though the products which we mentioned are quite inexpensive, still considering this factor is quite essential. Not everyone is rich enough to spend the money carelessly and then regret it after buying a not-so-worthy product. 


The braking system might be the most crucial factor for every cyclist who is going to use it for casual as well as intense cycling. The bike that you choose should have a robust braking system since it will protect you and prevent any serious injury that might cost you lots of money later. So, in such situations, try to check whether the brakes are of durable quality and even read the customer’s reviews about them. 

Choose Quality Products Only

Even though you are not going to buy mountain bikes in bulk quantity, still your priority should be to go with the best quality products only. Many people try to save money by buying not such excellent products which a few months later requires lots of maintenance. So instead of making such a wrong decision try to go with a quality product even if it means you will have to spend some extra money. 

Are Roadmaster Granite Peak Bikes Good?

Yes, roadmaster granite peak bikes are good for all those cycle enthusiasts who are looking to buy durable and inexpensive bikes. Roadmaster is the brand that is famous for producing low-budget bikes, and every granite peak mountain bike is worth every penny you spend on it. There shouldn’t be any doubts regarding roadmaster’s mountain bikes, and you can rely upon their quality. 

You can check the detailed information on Wikipedia about the product’s quality description and how they are producing quality and cheap bikes for so many years. Their journey is quite fascinating and inspiring.

In case, if you want to try an electric bike then you must check out Ecotric Electric Bike reviews because Ecotric is offering some great electric bikes.

Final Words

So, this was our final roadmaster bikes reviews, which we have done after lots of research and testing. Roadmaster is the brand on which you can trust and buy any of the bikes without any issues. The mountain bikes which we listed above are of top-notch quality, and you can use them for many years if you properly maintained them. Very few companies target low-budgeted customers, and roadmaster is one of those companies.

The above options are few, but the best ones to choose; still, if you are having any doubts or got questions, then leave a comment below. We will be glad to help you resolve those issues.

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