Throttle v/s Pedal-Assist Electric Bike: All You Need to Know

Nowadays, people are switching from traditional bikes to new electric bikes that are helpful, stylish, and effective and trying to become the focus of attraction. But while purchasing a perfect electric bike, they face a lack of information about it because the electric bikes are available in two types known as throttle and pedal assist. In this article, we gathered information about throttle and pedal-assist electric bikes, helping you choose your perfect electric bike. So do have a look.

Throttle VS Pedal-Assist Electric Bike

The Idea About The Throttle And Pedal Assist Mode In Electric Bikes:

If you are new to electric bikes, it can be unclear how all the electric things fit together. The system for controlling the batteries and motor on an electric bike can be confusing for a beginner. In this article, we will understand the complete idea of the throttle and pedal assist mode. For your basic information, let me tell you that the throttle and pedal-assist are engaged with the electric motor. 

But both modes use different physical functions to perform the same thing. Both modes are used to send more energy from the battery to the motor and move the bike forward using electric power. It does not affect or interfere with the mechanical system or pedal of the bike. Even with any of these modes, you can still brake, switch gears and pedal the bike without interruption. 

 The Difference Between Throttle and Pedal Assist Mode:

To understand the difference between these two modes, you have to understand these modes’ functioning so let’s start with the throttle.

Throttle mode:

The throttle mode is similar to how a motorcycle or scooter operates. While using throttle mode, the mechanical drive system is not neglected or disturbed. By changing into appropriate gears, a rider can still pedal his bike to maintain tension on the gearing system’s mechanics, which results in the faster moving of the bike. You can use this to ride on uphill terrains.

When the rider uses the throttle, it springs back to the off position, and the bike will coast. The rider can adjust the power amount using a heavy twist or light twist or push of the throttle. The throttle mode will power you with or without pedaling to keep the bike in motion in simple words.

Types of throttles:

The throttles in electric bikes are available mainly in three types as follow:

  • Half grip twist throttle: this throttle is engaged when the rider twists the throttle. It is similar to a motorcycle or scooter. This one is the most common type of electric bike throttle.
  • Thumb throttle: in this type, the throttle gets engaged, and the rider pushes the throttle paddle forward with his thumb. This is a kind of button like a throttle.
  • Push-button throttle: in this particular type, the throttle is simply an on and off switch to engage assistance. There is no way to adjust the power between low and full.


This mode is a bit of a different mode than throttle. This mode provides power only when you are pedaling. It works differently, on the other hand. Pedal-assist is a mode on your electric bike that supplies the motor’s power to help you pedal with ease and move the bike faster in motion. When you turn on the pedal assist and choose your assistance level, the motor automatically provides a certain amount of power, helping the rider in pedaling.

The bike goes far, really fast; when the rider stops pedaling, the bike will coast. The assistance can be adjusted with a small LED or LCD screen situated on the electric bike’s handlebar.

Levels of Pedal Assist:

Similarly, as a type in throttle mode, there are three types of level in the pedal-assist mode available in electric bikes as follow:

  • The low pedal assist: if you are a regular rider and feel pretty good on the bike, the low assist will provide you a little electric assistance while you provide more pedal power and get more workout.
  • The medium pedal assists: this is a type of assist that gives you a nice balance of pedal power and motor power. With this medium pedal-assist, you can have a nice ride everywhere you go.
  • The high pedal assists: if you want to travel more in minimum effort, this type of pedal assist is best. High pedal assist is beneficial for you if you’re going to get to work without sweating too much. This pedal-assist minimizes your efforts and maximizes your comfort.

Which Mode is Best for You?

Between throttle and pedal-assist, I prefer pedal assist. Because it has lots of options and a variety of range for the users. It comes with the added benefit of using plenty of muscle power than sitting and pushing a throttle button.

On the other hand, throttle mode also has an essential function. Use the throttle in combination with regular gears that boost the bike, which makes the ride effortless. Having a throttle is a lot of fun because when your legs are tired in a long ride, you can use the full-throttle as a boost. This mode is handy in riding uphill terrains.

Now the choice of the mode entirely depends upon your need and interest. If you want the option for a simple cruise along and want to pedal or not pedal your bike, I suggest you go with the best throttle assist electric bikes. But if you enjoy pedaling or want to do some exercise and want some added intuitive electric bike, then I suggest you go with the option of pedal-assist mode on an electric bike.


This is my overview on the whole pedal-assist v/s throttle mode electric bikes. Now go through the article and get the electric bike that best suits you. But now, most e-bikes in 2021 have both features on the same bike. There are plenty of companies in the market like Bakou, Revi, and green bikes that make electric bikes with both of these modes. It all ultimately depends upon the user and what type of electric bike you want to use.

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